’90 Day Fiance’: Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg Already Recording Second Season Together

With so many dramatic couples with such a wide variety of interpersonal issues, it’s nice to see a couple on 90 Day Fiancé that seems to really love one another. We’re talking about Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg, of course. And now that Sumit dropped his love-rat bomb on the fans, it might mean they’re jockeying their way into pole position as the most emotionally stable couple. 

And while some fans might be a little skeptical of Clegg’s parenting and Lee’s money management, it seems as if the two are trying their best to give Drascilla and baby Taeyang a loving family. If you’re a fan of these two, rejoice, because rumor has it they’re already recording season two. 

Deavan recently dished on Drascilla’s bio dad

Recently, 90 Day Fiancé fans have been curious to learn more about Deavan’s parenting of Drascilla, as well as her past relationship. All of the prying eventually got to Deavan, and when she finally opened up, it soon became clear why she might prefer to keep that part of her past to herself. 

Clegg took to her Instagram story to answer fans’ questions regarding Drascilla. “People are messaging and commenting asking where Drascilla’s bio father is. This is a sensitive subject and I would appreciate it if everyone would stop. I escaped a very abusive relationship and I am recovering from it, so please stop asking, it will be addressed later.”  

It was a notably awkward moment for fans, who were reminded that there’s a reason people try to respect one another’s privacy. Unfortunately for Clegg, that’s not the only pestering she’s received on Instagram.

Deavan fights back on Instagram haters

The 90 Day Fiancé star has also been facing plenty of backlash over her parenting methods and Drascilla’s behavior. Fans have noticed that Drascilla seems to be bursting with energy. She was seen in one episode walking across countertops while Deavan prepared food, eventually even throwing a bowl down from the cabinet. 

When Clegg picked Jihoon Lee up from the airport, Drascilla ran around the airport and rolled on the ground while Clegg looked exasperated and stressed. Drascilla also still drinks from a bottle at three, and sleeps with Clegg every night.

Fans ripped into Clegg for her parenting. One Instagram user wrote, “A bottle at 3 and sleeping in your bed are both so outrageous and unacceptable. That’s not okay. You have to teach your children appropriate age level things to move them along in life. You’re labeled a bad mother now. Plus having a baby with a stranger also shows your bad judgment. Leaving a good job for an immature man too…what is wrong in your head? It’s not cute. It’s disturbing.”

Clegg wasn’t having it, however. Clegg wrote on Instagram, “For people calling my daughter rude inappropriate names that I can’t even repeat, grow up. She’s three years old she’s still a baby don’t be calling her names that you hear in R-rated movies grow up, she’s the most amazing little girl who is the best big sister. I don’t let comments get to me. But seeing grown adults say mean r-rated words about three-year-old is not acceptable.”

Clegg posted an image of herself as a child as well, captioning it with, “I grew up being able to be free and run around and enjoy my childhood. I had messy hair and mismatched clothes, because my mother let me freely choose the outfit I wanted to wear, which I loved. And I let Drascilla do the same thing.” 

She continued, “Because I loved my childhood and remember fun good times. Drascilla is my world and we do so many fun things together. I work full time to make sure she has everything she wants and needs. She’s my little twin.”

Ready for their next season

SoapDirt reports that Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg are already filming for their second season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. While it’s perhaps unsurprising, it is exciting for fans — Clegg has just recently landed in South Korea, and her life with Lee in his own country is just beginning. 

Naturally, fans are curious to see how Clegg’s relationship with Lee’s family will develop, and how she’ll fare dealing with adapting to a new culture. Clegg did take to Instagram to shut down some rumors about their tell-all episode, however. A recent leak suggested Clegg had a 90 Day Fiancé friend babysit Drascilla and Taeyang. 

Clegg wrote on Instagram, “It looks like a lot of information was leaked about the tell-all. I can guarantee you guys most of the information leaked is 100% fake so keep watching and tune in every Monday.”