’90 Day Fiancé’: Karine Staehle Unrecognizable Amid Divorce From Paul Staehle

90 Day Fiancé couple Paul and Karine Staehle have been on the cusp of divorce before. Two times, in fact. However, it seems to fans as if this time, things might stick. Karine and Paul Staehle met online, and their romance blossomed over a rocky stint on the TLC reality show. 

Now, the two share a baby son, Pierre. However, with divorce on the horizon, it seems Paul Staehle is desperate to convince his wife to move Pierre to the U.S., and out of Brazil. To add more tension to an already challenging situation, the Staehles’ home in Brazil was recently burglarized. It seems with so many challenges, Karine Staehle decided it was time for a makeover to lift her spirits.

Their home was burglarized

Unfortunately for the troubled 90 Day Fiancé couple, their home was broken into in Manaus, Brazil, and many of their goods were burglarized. In an Instagram post about the event, Paul Staehle shared images of their ransacked home. 

He captioned the photoset, “I discovered today that our home was severely burglarized in Manaus…They entered my balcony door and took everything of value.. even Karine’s stuffed animal collection. My stuff Pierre’s stuff Karine’s stuff …. I am devastated….” 

Karine Staehle wrote about the event in her Instagram story. Translated from her native Portugese, her post read, “We work together to get everything we have, and people take it so easily. But we’re fine, that’s what matters now, and let’s work together again to get back everything that was taken.”

Paul Staehle’s mother, Mary, commented on his Instagram post with, “So sorry Paul. You and family ok. #1 main thing. Material things can be replaced. I know it is sad, but evil bad things happen like this sadly. You have the most precious with you, your family and they are ok remember that.”

Karine Staehle and wants a divorce from Paul Staehle

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only trouble the couple is going through at the moment. Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle are notorious for resting on the edge of divorce fairly frequently. In fact, Karine has threatened to divorce her 90 Day Fiancé husband twice before. 

During the second most recent claim of divorce proceedings, Paul Staehle posted on Facebook that Karine had retained a divorce lawyer who got in touch with him. In a now-deleted post, Paul wrote, “Karine asked me to remove our photos. And let everyone know that she doesn’t want me in her life. Karine advogado de divorcio me ligou. Guess I need a lawyer.”

However, it seems as if this time, it’s for real. Karine Staehle had been interested in splitting up with Paul even before Pierre was born. The couple stayed together to try and make things work for their son. It seems as if Karine Staehle is fed up, though. When the couple landed in Brazil recently, Karine fled to her parents’ home with Pierre, leaving Paul Staehle solo. 

In a recent Instagram story, Paul wrote, in part, “I will probably go up [to] the Amazon to try to convince her to live with Pierre in [the] USA with or without me,” he continued. “I just want the best possible life for my son.”

Karine Staehle gets cosmetic treatments

While Karine Staehle’s life is surely stressful right now, it seems the 90 Day Fiancé star has indulged in some self-care to try and lift her own spirits. In a recent Instagram post, Karine Staehle revealed her recent cosmetic procedures, and she looks better than ever. 

Based on her Instagram post, it looks like Staehle received micropigmentation treatment, a face cleanse, and microblading done on her eyebrows. It seems as if Karine Staehle is doing her best to pamper and enjoy herself during a challenging time.