’90 Day Fiancé’: Kenneth Niedermeier Goes off on Fans for Claiming He and Armando Rubio Are Actors

Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier quickly became a fan-favorite couple on this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Their genuine feelings for one another showed through from the first episode. Though they were quickly liked, they have not completely escaped being criticized by fans. On the Nov. 8 episode, Rubio and Niedermeier were denied their marriage license. Some fans thought that the pair should have done more research and known that they would be denied. Now, Niedermeier is clapping back at all the fans who have something negative to say.

90 Day Fiancé - Kenneth and Armando
90 Day Fiancé – Kenneth and Armando | TLC

Kenneth and Armando wanted to get married

Niedermeier and Rubio have always had marriage as a goal. When Neidermeier packed up his life and moved away from his kids to be with Rubio in Mexico, he planned to propose. The  90 Day Fiancé cameras were there as Niedermeier proposed to Rubio and the two started their journey toward marriage.

“Kenny and I have been talking about marriage for some years now,” Rubio said in the episode. “It’s something we want, something we dream of. Today we are ready to make that a reality. We are going to the marriage office to apply for our marriage license.”

Unfortunately, they were denied a marriage license.

“In this case, we have a law that states, ‘No you, can’t,'” the court clerk said. “And we have a constitution that says, ‘Yes, you can.’ Sadly, we don’t have legislation that supports us to reform our code. The one that says we still can’t allow same-sex marriage to go through.”

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Rubio and Niedermeier had done research before applying for the license, which led them to believe that they would be approved.

“I did look up online and it did say gay marriage was legal in the state,” Rubio said. “I’m really not understanding all that she’s saying, because things seem to contradict each other. In reality, I’m confused myself.”

Kenneth claps back

After the episode aired, fans began criticizing the couple for not doing more research and setting themselves up for disappointment. Niedermeier took to his Instagram stories on Nov. 11 to clear some things up.

“I have seen so many negative comments out here on Armando and my journey to get our marriage license approval from people who obviously are not watching the scenes clearly as they are saying why didn’t we do our research (I’m wording it much nicer here) and we are obviously acting as it was all scripted,” he wrote.

“We are not actors and nothing was scripted,” he continued. “It’s clear in the scenes if you watch clearly and without judgement…we did research and knew The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled same-sex marriage legal throughout Mexico, we even checked to make sure our state in which we live it was indeed legal, it is (34 same [sex] marriages have been performed at the time.)”

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He went on to say that he and Rubio even called the marriage office in the city they were applying and let them know they were coming. They asked the office what they needed and made sure to bring all of the documentation they were told. He alleged that they were never given any indication that they would be denied.

“The promo scene you see coming up is us picking up our official letter of denial and the wording in it was horrible, you only get part of it so far in the clip coming up,” he wrote. “So my reaction is mixed with pain and being pissed. Nothing scripted, nothing acted and our research was done.

“I wish people would watch the scenes fully so they get a clear picture or others wouldn’t jump onto these comments as fact when they see them and judge for themselves when they watch the scenes in full.”

He closed his message by thanking the people who have supported him and Rubio.