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90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima isn’t afraid to speak her mind. The reality television star is an outspoken proponent of plastic surgery and has even admitted that she has something of an addiction to getting procedures done

So, when she spotted a hater making fun of Farrah Abraham’s plastic surgery, she jumped to Abraham’s defense. Here’s what went down. 

Lima jumps to Abraham’s defense

Larissa Dos Santos Lima seems to be a dedicated patron if nothing else. The 90 Day Fiancé star frequents Crazy Horse III, a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas. For example, she had her divorce party there, makes public appearances often, and recently went there to celebrate the establishment’s 10-year anniversary. 

Lima was spotted at the event with Farrah Abraham and Jen Harley. It seems Lima has grown into a genuine friendship with Abraham, because when Lima spotted a disparaging Instagram comment, she leaped into action. 

One Instagram user commented on a photo that Lima uploaded of herself and Abraham, according to The Blast. “Sad that all the plastic surgery and fillers have made Farrah look like she is in her late 40s to early 50s. Please take note Larissa, you’ll [lose] your youth to that fakeness,” wrote the Instagram user.

Lima was not pleased, to say the least. She snapped back with, “OK we believe you are not bashing other woman cuz you are hella confident.” Judging by the photos, it doesn’t seem like Lima or Abraham let the haters get them down. 

Addicted to plastic surgery?

Larissa Dos Santos Lima has opened up in the past about having an addiction to plastic surgery. Lima sat down to discuss plastic surgery with Us Weekly. 

She told Us Weekly, “As well as having my lips done, I have had injections to define my jawline, a non-surgical nose job and fillers injected into my butt to plump it up from Heather Rohrer of Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Human Performance.”

“I admit it — I am addicted to cosmetic procedures. My dream is to have big breast implants, which would be my first actual cosmetic surgery,” added Lima.

Lima had previously tried to convince her ex-husband, Colt Johnson, to help pay for her procedures. “Colt should [have] to pay for my lip injections because he has a hungry sexual drive and I will feel very confident and sexy after I fill in my lips. Do you want more blowjobs? I will feel motivated,” said Lima during an episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

Farrah Abraham sells dates

Meanwhile, it seems Farrah Abraham is selling dates. It seems that, while she does want to find a new man, she’s only taking offers with a price tag. She’s offering dates for $5,000. 

Abraham told TooFab, “My time is worth a lot of money. Honestly I don’t really need to go on dates right now. I’m so focused on work and just everything I got going on. So yeah, pulling me away from what I love in my life, I think you can pay me for my time. Other women who don’t get paid for their time and who are just giving their time away, well, I don’t really see anything great coming out of that so…you should always monetize your time.”