’90 Day Fiancé’: Laura Jallali Says Raul Cabrera Is Better in the Bedroom Than Aladin

90 Day Fiancé couple Laura and Aladin Jallali have been making a big splash lately. After confirming their separation and ongoing divorce, things have been volatile between the two. Rumors and insults have been flying — Laura Jallali has made claims that Aladin Jallali is gay, and that he only cares about money and a visa. 

Now, Laura seems to be dating Raul Cabrera — Evelin Villegas’ Ecuadorian friend. And, after making claims about Aladin’s discomfort in the bedroom, she’s now saying Cabrera is much better than Aladin. 

Laura Jallali claims Aladin is gay 

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90 Day Fiancé star Laura Jallali couldn’t let her split with Aladin go without sending a few more rumors his way. Instagrammer John Yates posted a screenshot of a conversation between Laura Jallali and another individual. 

In this conversation, Jallali claims that Aladin has been hiding his real sexuality the entire time. Jallali wrote, “You know I am sure Aladin likes men better. And I was a good cover-up for him. For his family. To show he wasn’t gay. But now when I connect all the dots…he likes men much better.”

Jallali also made the same claim in a different conversation. She said, “He told me men in his work have sex in the shower. And guess who always had a shower at work even though our home was 20 ft away.”

Fans were pretty upset with Jallali for making those claims. It’s not any of her business what Aladin’s sexuality is since they’re separating anyway, and it shouldn’t matter if he’s gay. One user wrote, “Even if he was gay (I don’t think he is but it doesn’t matter either way), how evil do you have to be to out someone to the world. It’s not funny, it’s plain cruel.”

After separation, says it’s all about money and visas 

Laura Jallali has also claimed that Aladin’s motivation for their relationship was money and a visa. Prior to an episode of the 90 Day Fiancé tell-all, Jallali took to Instagram to discuss her feelings. 

During her video, Jallali says that the show essentially ended her marriage. She said, “It’s been great to… well, let’s be honest, I lost my marriage due to this show. However, what I have lost in a husband, I have gained in so many amazing, wonderful friends, and I was able to work with a really fantastic cast.”

One fan wasn’t too happy with the claim that the show was what ruined Jallali’s marriage. They commented, “I thought your marriage ended because your funds ended.”

Laura Jallali replied, “Hun when the $ ran out due to the show…so did my husband ! I told him i can no longer bring him to canada so he was out! He has lots of women now willing to sponsor him so good luck and god bless [sic].”

Laura Jallali says Raul Cabrera is better in bed

Laura Jallali was not particularly pleased with her bedroom time when it came to Aladin Jallali. In fact, she once brought in a purple sex toy for them to use, and Aladin was not pleased. Now that she’s with Rauly Cabrera, Jallali claims things have improved. 

Jallali said of Cabrera, “He is an amazing man. I love this guy, he is so sweet and adorable and he knows how to please a woman.” It seems that Cabrera is able to perform where Aladin could not, if Jallali is to be believed.

According to Jallali, she and Cabrera have, “developed a very special relationship,” and have some “exciting news” coming up. Perhaps they have a season in the works?