’90 Day Fiancé’: Maria Blames Caesar Mack for Internet Hate

90 Day Fiancé star Caesar Mack was a source of concern for many viewers. Mack met his love, Ukrainian beauty Maria, using an online dating service. However, Mack soon revealed that he’d been sending Maria money for years — and vast amounts of it. 

After Maria left Mack high and dry in Mexico, the two got back together again. However, during a very damning interview with TLC, Maria painted herself in an unflattering light. Since then, 90 Day Fiancé fans have been at her throat for her comments, suggesting that she’s essentially a gold digger. Now, Maria is blaming Mack for the hate. Here’s what went down. 

Maria’s damning TLC interview 

When Caesar Mack and Maria got back together after their Mexico breakup, fans were frustrated with the lovestruck nail technician. The hopeless 90 Day Fiancé romantic also revealed that he was sending money to his Ukrainian love again. 

“Even though Maria broke my heart since I’ve been home, we’ve been talking again. I’m not going to give up on her,” said Mack at the time. Shortly after, a producer noticed messages on his phone from Maria, asking him for cash to help pay her bills. Mack admitted that he’d sent Maria money again, citing an expenditure of about two to three thousand. 

TLC later did an interview with Maria that cast her in an even more damning light. Maria told TLC, “I joined Anastasia date like, maybe eight years ago. A lot of girls know about this site in Ukraine. Because a lot of guys around the world want to date Ukrainian girls. They are beautiful and crazy.”

She went on to say that Mack is not her usual type of man. “My type is usually tall guys with blonde hair and blue eyes, stuff like that,” revealed Maria. 

A producer asked Maria if she was physically attracted to Mack at the time. “Uh-uh,” replied Maria, before laughing. “But I liked what he did to me. He sent flowers, which caught my attention. And he’s American, so it’s very good.”

Fans direct hate at Maria 

In another segment, Maria chatted with her friends about Mack. Her friends suggested Mack doesn’t send her enough money. “He doesn’t deserve your forgiveness,” said her friend. “Caesar sent you some money, I know, but he didn’t send you like, a huge amount of money.”

When a producer asked her how much money Mack had sent altogether, Maria replied, “I don’t know, I’m not an accountant.” She also added, “So it’s like, for Caesar, if he wants to have a girl like me, he should understand that he needs to work and do something. Go and make more money.” 

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans started to view Maria as a gold digger. One YouTube user commented, “At least she’s not a catfish but she is definitely out for his money when she says ‘he’s American that’s good.’”

Another user wrote, “I’m sure she gots like 20 Caesars sending her money she’s not going to stop  The money is too good.”

“Wow this sounds like a gold diggers meeting,” added another commenter. 

Maria blames Caesar Mack for the hate

During the tell-all episodes of 90 Day Fiancé, Maria seemed frustrated with Caesar Mack. She told him that she had once thought of him as a boyfriend, but that it was time for him to move on. 

Despite telling Mack several times that he should move on, Mack told Maria, “You’re always, like, my first love, baby, you’re my everything.”

“I wanted to show her how bad I was fighting for her. I don’t know if she saw that…. I know whoever I’m with, I’ll always have a place for her in my heart,” Mack said of his actions on the tell-all. 

Maria, however, seemed irritated that she now had to deal with everyone’s judgments of her actions. While it doesn’t seem as if either party is innocent here, Maria really did come off as something of a gold digger during her interviews. 

Maria told Mack, “All people hate me right now. Thank you for it.” 

One fan summed it up on Twitter with, “I think she scammed him and I also think he saw what he wanted and not what was real.”

Another commenter added, “She’s a user and I have zero sympathy for Ceasar.”