’90 Day Fiancé’: Nicole Nafziger Blasts Instagram Fan, Reveals No Plans to Marry Soon

90 Day Fiancé couple Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou have always raised eyebrows. The pair has been together for almost four years, but remain unmarried. In fact, they’ve been through two failed marriage attempts. Follow that up with a trip canceled by Tefou for spurious reasons, and fans have been wondering if Tefou is genuine about his feelings for Nafziger. 

Now, with Nafziger and Tefou leaving the show with no marriage in sight, Nafziger is dealing with renewed vitriol against Tefou from fans — and she blasted one user in particular. 

After rumors, fans don’t trust Tefou

Azan Tefou has been the focus of many rumors since he and Nafziger first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé. One particular rumor really riled up fans — a user on Instagram came forward claiming to be friends with Tefou’s aunt, and alleged that Tefou’s family pokes fun at Nafziger. 

The user claimed, “I am a europian moroccan and i know his aunt. She laugh so hard about Nicole and they all know that Azan is not in love with Nicole and they support him in taking her money. They are NEVER gonne let him marry Nicole. Sorry for the bad English [sic].” 

They went on to add, “He dont want to leave Marocco. If he wanted to leave he could because his family have family in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. He could marry a girl from heren but he want a good life in Morocco. He is lying about that he cant transfer money to her. The engegement ring was so cheap [sic].”

While it’s impossible for us to verify the claims this Instagram user makes, it is an alarming prospect to think that Nafziger is being taken advantage of and laughed at behind her back. Fans’ distrust was further fueled by Tefou’s choice to cancel a trip to Grenada with Nafziger, citing a vague and unexplained “family emergency.”

During a phone call with Tefou to discuss the trip cancelation, Nafziger asked, “So is everything OK with that family emergency?”

Tefou answered, “Yeah. Thank God, like, really like, things are getting better now. Seems like everything’s good.”

Tefou never once defined the nature of the emergency, leaving many fans scratching their heads.

Quitting the show 

With fans still concerned about her relationship with Azan Tefou, Nicole Nafziger revealed that the 90 Day Fiancé couple would not be returning for the show next season. A rumor, likely started by a fan, suggests that Nafziger physically abused Tefou and that they were canceled from the show as a result. 

Nafziger quickly put the rumor to bed on Instagram. A fan asked Nafziger, “Is it true that you and Azan won’t be on TLC anymore because you were physically violent with him?”

The 90 Day Fiancé replied, “No. We aren’t going to be on another season because we chose not to go on again right now.”

Nafziger’s comment does seem to leave the possibility of future appearances open, however.

Nafziger fires back on Instagram 

Nicole Nafziger is very active on Instagram, especially when it comes to interacting with 90 Day Fiancé fans. However, it seems as if she’s getting fed up with fans’ opinions of her relationship with Azan Tefou. 

Recently, a fan commented, “So happy to see that your family is everything to you, cuz you have not always behave that they are. You have not always been honest to them so its about time you start to be that. Im not impressed when i see how you have been behaving to them. Another thing, start to be honest to your followers too. As many write here. Time to take your ring off or put it on another finger. There will not be any wedding. Time to move on [sic].”

Nafziger was not having it, however. The 90 Day Fiancé star fired back at the commenter, writing a lengthy reply. 

“A few things. One, don’t act like you know my life. You do not. No matter what you think, you don’t know me. Family has always been everything to me. Two, my family knows everything. From the beginning and all through filming for a show, they know everything,” wrote Nafziger in part. An interesting claim, given that Nafziger lied to her family about sending Tefou $6,000 to open a beauty store. 

Nafziger went on to write in part, “Azan and I are still together happily. We don’t have plans to get married officially at this moment because I’m doing my life here with May right now and he’s working doing his life there right now. That doesn’t mean we won’t, it means we’ll do it when the time is right for us.”

Only time will tell if the couple will ever get married. In the meantime, fans seem to remain skeptical.