’90 Day Fiancé’: Nicole Nafziger Claps Back at Fans Who Judged Her Relationship

Nicole Nafziger is used to having haters come for her at this point. The  90 Day Fiancé star has been dealing with naysayers and trolls since she first appeared on the show. Viewers have always doubted the validity of her relationship with Azan Tefou. But now, Nafziger is clapping back at everyone who has something to say.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou
Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou | Instagram via alwayssnicole

Nicole and Azan’s relationship

Nafziger and Tefou appeared on seasons 4 and 5 of  90 Day Fiancé. Fans of the show immediately doubted how committed Tefou was to Nafziger as he seemed completely unenthused to be around her. After their stint on tv ended, the two decided not to get married right away.

“They have no plans for a wedding,” a source told RadarOnline. “He can’t get a visa. She’s talked about going back to Morocco, but she doesn’t have money. She has to save.”

After a long period of Tefou being in Morocco and Nafziger staying in America, Nafziger finally made it back to Morocco. While she was there, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic became more serious and she had to extend her trip by a few months.

People warned Nicole about Azan

While Nafziger was in Morocco, fans begged her to come back to America and focus on her daughter May. Even former 90 Day star Laura Jallali tried to warn Nafziger.

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“[Nicole] honestly, you need to return to your daughter,” she commented on one of Nafziger’s photos. “Do not make the same mistake I did, she needs her mom and these men are just users. He has a wife and children. Forget this loser and come back home to the [people] who really love you.”

Nafziger responded, seeming annoyed that Jallali was giving her opinion on the situation.

“I’m sorry for what happened to you but I would never tell another cast member how their situation is because I don’t know and I don’t know anyone’s story. Please make no mistake, my situation is not yours,” Nafziger wrote. “Being a cast member, you should know more than anyone to not believe rumors told by liars. I miss my daughter more than anyone can know and no one knows how much me and her call each other.”

She continued, saying that she planned on going home to be with her daughter soon.

“I’ve never left my daughter behind because she knows I’m still with her no matter what,” she said. “Everyone can judge me for being a bad mom and think what you want. But I know my life and how it is. And when the time is right I’ll show more of it. Thanks.”

Nicole has a message for haters

Recently, rumors have been floating around that Tefou is actually already married to someone else. When fans brought this up and claimed that Nafziger and Tefou’s relationship could never progress, Nafziger finally responded.

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“Don’t judge me … as you would not like to be judged,” she wrote in a comment captured by In Touch.

The fact that Nafziger even responded to fans at all is a bit surprising as the star commonly turns off her Instagram comments so that people cannot leave their opinions on her posts.