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90 Day Fiancé couple Nicole Nafziger and Aza Tefou have been together for almost four years now, and there’s still no marriage in sight. The couple failed to get married twice already, and since then have made little to no progress. Many fans have begun to wonder if the two will ever be married. 

Nafziger, however, is sick of people doubting her relationship with Tefou. She frequently does Q&A sessions on Instagram, and she recently made it clear that she’s done with the doubters and haters when it comes to her relationship — despite the fact that many of them seem to be expressing concern.

Nafziger says they’re not broken up 

Azan Tefou recently canceled a trip the 90 Day Fiancé couple were planning on taking to Grenada — this trip would have been the first time the couple have been physically together in a long time. 

Tefou canceled the trip on incredibly vague terms, citing a family emergency that he was unwilling to explain to Nafziger in further detail. This sent up red flags for many fans, and had them questioning whether or not the couple were still together, after filming. 

During one of Nafziger’s Q&As, one fan asked, “I read you guys broke up, is it true?”

Nafziger replied, “100% NOT TRUE. I [don’t know] where this is coming from. Make sure when you read articles, you check when it was posted. Sometimes old articles circulate. We are still happily together.”

Telling off the haters

Nafziger receives many comments on her photos about her relationship with Azan Tefou. Often, the comments for the 90 Day Fiancé star are telling her to get out of her relationship or to get real. On a recent Instagram post, one user simply commented, “Wake up girlfriend.”

However, it seems as if Nafziger has had enough of the doubters and the haters. During a recent Q&A, one Instagram user asked Nafziger, “Do you understand why everyone is doubtful about you/Azan and just don’t care or do you not see it?”

Nafziger replied with, “I do not care if people are doubtful about my relationship. It is MY relationship so. Trust me, if it was bad as ya’ll think, I would have left. But it’s not and I’m happy. That’s my man and I can’t wait for him to be in the U.S. with me. We’ll have a really good life here.”

Another user asked, “How do you deal with the haters that say crap about you & Azan?” 

Nafziger replied, “I just let them talk to the hand. They don’t know ME! I wish my tone of having fun with this came through. Lol Can’t let people I don’t know bother me.” 

Nafziger dishes on how Tefou thinks of her weight

Some portion of 90 Day Fiancé fan concern comes from how Azan Tefou has behaved on camera in the past. Previously, Tefou told Nafziger he was only somewhat attracted to her, on camera. 

“Physically I’m attracted to Nicole, but it’s not like, just like for example 55%. Because I always want my wife to go to the gym with me and be healthy,” he said.

During an Instagram Q&A Nafziger opened up about how Tefou treats her weight. “Hassan doesn’t want me to be skinny,” said Nafziger. “He wants me to be healthy to have a long life with him and May and our future children.”

Nafziger also wrote, “He knows how many times I’ve tried and tried again to keep myself consistent. He’s never discouraging and he never talks down my efforts even if it means starting all over.  No matter how many times I restart he is always telling me how he believes in me and knows I can do it.”