’90 Day Fiancé’: Paul Staehle Claims Karine Martins Ran Off With Another Man

90 Day Fiancé couple Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have never been a very harmonious couple. Staehle is well-known by fans for his erratic behavior and unpredictability. Eventually, Karine Martins had enough, and after retaining a divorce lawyer for some time, she’s officially done with Paul Staehle. 

Paul Staehle isn’t finished with Martins, however. After a recent Instagram post Martins made about her new gym buddy, Staehle is claiming Martins ran off with the same man. 

The divorce process 

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Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have never been the most stable of 90 Day Fiancé couples. Several times it’s seemed as if they have been on the cusp of divorce. They’ve also gone through a variety of challenges, ranging from miscarriages to burglary. 

In November of this year, however, Staehle wrote in Portuguese on his Instagram story, “Karine started divorce proceedings in Manaus.”

In another story, Staehle added, “I will probably go up the Amazon to try to convince her to live with Pierre in [the] USA with or without me. I just want the best possible life for my son.”

In November, Karine Martins told Us Weekly exlcusively, “Yes, I am looking for a lawyer now.” The two still maintain pictures of each other on their Instagram, with links to each other’s profiles, so fans aren’t entirely sure if the couple will split for sure at this point. This isn’t their first time making claims that they’re finished. 

Paul Staehle’s history of erratic behavior 

Paul Staehle has exhibited a history of erratic behavior and a degree of insecurity about Karine Martins’ interactions with other men. In 2018, Martins and Staehle welcomes baby Pierre into the world. 

However, Staehle immediately required Martins to take a paternity test to prove that it was definitely his child. At the time, one fan tweeted, “He asked her to do a std and pregnancy test the day they met last season, is no one remembering this? Whether he announced it to the world or not karine is still being emotionally abused behind doors [sic].”

Staehle also has a criminal record. In 2007, Staehle was charged with second-degree arson. He was also charged with “Burning Personal Property To Defraud Insurer,” and was convicted in 2017.

Did Karine Martins run off with another man?

Now, Staehle is claiming that Karine Martin ran off with another man. Karine Martins recently hired a new fitness coach named Blake, and Paul Staehle is not happy about it. 

In a chat with Instagrammer John Yates, Paul Staehle claimed that Karine Martins and Blake had previously video chatted with some frequency before the two got married. “He’s been talking to her — I caught him back before we got married. So they’ve been ‘friends’ before we got married,” Staehle said. 

Staehle went on to add, “She told me she was feeling a little uncomfortable because he was talking about wanting to have a kid with her,” claimed Staehle. “It was almost like, if we were like swingers, and I said ‘No we’re not swingers.’ And I really don’t like the fact that he’s talking about wanting to have a kid.”

“So then what happened was, she went to get a tattoo. So I had Pierre, and Pierre was hungry, and Pierre needs breast milk. … So I was on the way to get her at the tattoo parlor, and she said ‘No, no, I’m already done. I left.’ … So I found out she was with Blake, she was at Blake’s house,” said Staehle. 

Karine Martins has since made comments of her own. On her Instagram story, she posted in Portuguese, which translated roughly to, “I want to make it clear that I didn’t run away with another man, no one knows what I go through and the way Paul lied about me on a live show, that I must be strong and seek my rights. I will not talk about my personal life. I never told Paul that he won’t see Pierre, on the contrary, I have proof that I said that Paul is Paul and has a right to his son too.”