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90 Day Fiancé couple Aladin Jallali and Laura Jallali have split, and are undergoing a bitter divorce process. Laura Jallali has made a variety of inflammatory claims about Aladin. Aladin has since made it clear that there is no chance of reconciliation between the two. 

Now, Laura seems to have already found romance again — this time in the arms of Raul Cabrera, a friend and past fling of Evelin Villegas. 

Laura Jallali claims it was about money 

Prior to the last 90 Day Fiancé tell-all episode, Laura Jallali posted a video to Instagram detailing her personal feelings moving into her split with Aladin Jallali. During the video, she claimed that the show basically destroyed her marraige. 

Said Jallali during the video, “It’s been great to… well, let’s be honest, I lost my marriage due to this show. However, what I have lost in a husband, I have gained in so many amazing, wonderful friends, and I was able to work with a really fantastic cast.”

“So I lost something, but I have gained a lot. And I so much appreciate your support and being with me and understanding and cheering me on all the time,” said Jallali.

One fan wasn’t satisfied with Laura’s statement that it was the show that ended her marriage. The Instagram user commented, “I thought your marriage ended because your funds ended.”

Laura replied, “Hun when the $ ran out due to the show…so did my husband ! I told him i can no longer bring him to canada so he was out! He has lots of women now willing to sponsor him so good luck and god bless [sic].”

Dating someone new?

Now, it seems as if Laura Jallali has moved on rather quickly. The 90 Day Fiancé star seems to have struck up a romance with Raul Cabrera — a friend of Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber, in Ecuador. 

Cabrera seems to be enjoying his new romance with Jallali, and claims that the separation from Laura is in fact Aladin’s loss. The two have posted pics together to their Instagram accounts since Laura’s split from Aladin. 

Laura posted a picture of her and Raul together, and captioned it, “Life in Ecuador is beyond amazing, specially when you in good company [Raul] you are the best.”

Jallali has also said of her new beau, “He is an amazing man. I love this guy, he is so sweet and adorable and he knows how to please a woman.”

It’s Aladin’s loss

Recently, Cabrera told In Touch that Aladin and Laura’s separation is in fact, Aladin’s loss. He said, “It’s Aladin’s loss, because she truly loved him and I have been helping her with the process of overcoming the heartbreak.”

“All I can say is that we have a lot a lot of fun together and she has such a positive outlook on life,” he said. “I am completely in love with her dog and so enjoy Laura’s company. She is super easy going and I am gonna teach her how to surf since that is one of her dreams I will make that a reality for sure,” he added. 

When asked if they’re falling for one another, Cabrera said, “There is a famous adage in Ecuador … if you wanna keep something special don’t share it with the world. Let’s see what happens at the moment you saw her IG and Stories.”