’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Deavan Shocked That Jihoon Quit His Job Amid Plans to Move to South Korea

90 Day Fiancé couple Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg are relatively new to the show, but certain aspects of their relationship already have fans scratching their heads. The two star on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way which features U.S. citizens who have decided to move abroad to be with their significant other.

Jihoon lives in South Korea, and previously worked as a used cell phone salesman. However, to Deavan’s significant surprise, Jihoon decided to quit his job — right after Deavan quit her own. 

An unexpected pregnancy 

Deavan Clegg is a single mother from Salt Like City, Utah. The 22-year-old wound up on 90 Day Fiancé after she joined an international dating site. She met Jihoon Lee on the site, and the pair reportedly chatted every day for three months until they met up. 

Jihoon, a 29-year-old used phone dealer, explained that he didn’t think Deavan was real at first. “I was kind of suspicious before leaving,” said Jihoon. “I thought it might be a scam. I even suspected illegal organ trafficking. I thought they might take my organs.”

Deavan supposedly conceived the first night the pair spent together. “The day Jihoon was actually leaving for Korea, I did not feel good. Six positive tests later, I’m pregnant. I instantly assumed I’d never see Jihoon again,” she explained. 

Jihoon later reached out to Deavan, and suggested that the two get married, however. 

Jihoon quits his job

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The new 90 Day Fiancé couple are planning on moving Deavan to South Korea as soon as they can. To that end, Deavan quit her job and sold her unnecessary belongings in order to raise enough capital. However, she never expected Jihoon to quit his job. 

The two sat down on a park bench while Drascilla, Deavan’s daughter, played. Jihoon confessed that he had something he had to tell Deavan. He explained that he quit his old job because he wasn’t making enough money to support himself, Deavan, Drascilla, and Deavan’s unborn child, Taeyang. 

Deavan tells Jihoon that his decision makes no sense. Now, instead of having low income, Jihoon has none. Jihoon also explained to the camera that in his youth, he mismanaged his finances and incurred massive credit card debt that he’s still working on paying down. 

While Jihoon has exhibited a willingness to be there for Deavan and Drascilla, it’s not enough if he can’t make ends meet for his new family. 

Are they still together?

With this new bombshell dropped, fans might be concerned for the future of their relationship, as well as their financial stability — especially with a baby on the way. 

It seems as if Deavan hasn’t moved to South Korea yet — however the couple does appear to be happily together still. Deavan has previously mentioned that she’d prefer to wait until her baby is at least 7 weeks old before she moves him to South Korea. 

It also seems as if Jihoon has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to fatherhood. He posted a picture of Drascilla to Instagram in May, and captioned it, “i miss her” in English. His Korean caption mentions her charming blue eyes. He even uses the “daughter” hashtag on pictures of her.  

Both Deavan and Jihoon frequently post photos of their children and each other on their Instagram, and they seem to be happy so far, despite the difficulties thrown their way.