’90 Day Fiancé’: Sumit Claims He Is Divorcing His Wife in India

90 Day Fiancé star Sumit and his would-be wife Jenny Slatten have had a wild ride in recent months. Fans and Jenny Slatten alike were shocked to learn that Sumit has been hiding a secret marriage from Slatten for the last couple of years. 

Slatten didn’t learn about Sumit’s marriage until he was bundled away by his family after what Slatten described as a nightmarish confrontation. Now, with Slatten returning to America, it seems as if Sumit is getting divorced — perhaps he and Slatten still intend to tie the knot

Sumit’s family takes him away 

When Sumit and Jenny Slatten first started talking, Slatten thought the 90 Day Fiancé star was a male model named Michael Jones. Sumit catfished Slatten for a while, until the two developed feelings for one another. Then, Sumit came clean. 

Slatten stuck with him, but it turns out Sumit was hiding a bigger lie as well. After receiving a phone call that clearly put Sumit on edge, Sumit told Slatten to wait inside and lock the doors in their India apartment. Soon, a man showed up outside, and told Slatten, “Hello, Jenny. How are you? I’m Sumit’s wife’s father.”

Slatten told the 90 Day Fiancé producers, “What happened was worse than anything I could have ever imagined. It’s like you’re having a nightmare and you wake up and it’s true. That’s what it felt like.”

Sumit’s family arrived and cornered Sumit, eventually removing him from the apartment. Slatten did not hear from him for five days. When he finally returned, Slatten seemed to forgive him. However, she had to return to the U.S. With Sumit married, it became clear that her visa in India would expire before they could be married.

Sumit says he’s getting divorced

Now, Sumit says he’s through with his old marriage. During the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all episode, Sumit revealed that he’s already separated from his wife. 

“Yeah, we are separated. And she already filed a case against me,” Sumit told the host. 

Fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Corey Rathgeber said, from backstage, “I think he could easily be lying about this entire situation because he had a wife and was able to lie about it.” 

Slatten confirmed that once the divorce is finalized, she plans to get back together with Sumit — possibly even in India. Slatten’s daughter, Christina, was frustrated with her mother’s choice. “I guess it’s hard because she has to live her own life. But that doesn’t mean I’m always going to be standing by your side to bail you out of everything,” Christina said. 

“He’s definitely worth it, and you know that Christina,” Slatten told her daughter. 

Sumit added, “She’s my love, I love her a long time. And we will be together.”

Spotted with the TLC crew

Fans suspect that Sumit and Slatten may be filming another season together already. According to SoapDirt, Slatten was recently spotted ring shopping with the TLC production crew, as well as her daughter Christina.

An Instagram user wrote, “They were at my job today!!! She went with her daughter to buy a ring!!! So they’re definitely filming next season! The camera crew was there and everything!” 

A second user asked, “Wow! Was she buying her own or his?”

The first poster replied, “Idk it was only $100 and production paid for it.”