‘90 Day Fiancé’: The Sad Reason TLC Stars Are Rallying Behind Jihoon Lee

When people sign up to go on reality television shows, they are saying “yes” to putting their lives on display for the world to see…and judge. And it has become blatantly clear that viewers can be really brutal. Jihoon Lee of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has been attacked by multiple viewers of the show for several different reasons. But his most recent story has other stars rallying behind him.

Deavan and Jihoon
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg | TLC

Fans constantly criticize Jihoon

One of Lee’s biggest mistakes this season was lying to his wife Deavan Clegg about his job. He told her that he had a good job that would allow him to support their family. In reality, Lee only had a part-time job as a delivery person. When he revealed this, viewers took to social media to tell him to get a better job.

“To people who ask me to get a job, I’m always so kind to people who are kind to me first but to those who are rude to me, I’m an a*shole to them,” he commented on a now-deleted Instagram post. “Distinguish between show and reality. And the show is in the past. I’ve said countless times that I have a job. My job is to deliver food. I earn enough money to take care of my family.

“If you read this and you tell me to get a job, from now on, I’m thinking of you as a goldfish with a memory of three seconds I’ll just ignore it and block it,” he continued. “Cuz I don’t want to talk to fish, yeah think about it how crazy huh?! Bye.”

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Why are ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars rallying behind Jihoon?

A lot of what the 90 Day Fiancé stars deal with goes unseen. But recently, Lee decided to let his followers see what he has to put up with. On Aug. 18, he posted a screenshot of a DM that he received to his Instagram feed.

“You’re such a bad father,” the person wrote. “Kill yourself, you pathetic idiot f*ck.”

“Oh, really?” he captioned the photo.

Other 90 Day stars were quick to come to his defense like Pillow Talk cast member David Toborowsky.

“Don’t let anyone get to you,” he commented. “You know your love for your family at that is all that matters.”

Lee’s castmate Kenneth Niedermeier also responded.

“That’s sad and pathetic, keep your head up high,” he wrote. “Humans are not made to be perfect. You know who you are.”

Former The Other Way cast member Laura Jallali offered some support as well.

“Ignore the trolls Jihoon, you got this and it will all work out,” she wrote. “Sometimes things happen that we don’t understand but good things will come out of it. Stay strong , hold your head up high!”

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Deavan says fans threaten her family

Lee isn’t the only one who receives worrying messages. Clegg recently revealed that she has gotten messages threatening her family.

“The amount I made on TLC for both seasons, I made in one month doing my own s*it,” she said in an Instagram Live. “Money is not worth it when my family is being threatened and put in danger and we’re not even making enough money for protection or getting offered protection.”