’90 Day Fiancé’: These Fan Photos of Deavan Clegg and Jihoon’s Apartment Prove That Deavan Might Have Been Lying

Deavan Clegg has really been trying her best to keep her family together on this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Unfortunately, Jihoon isn’t making it easy for her. After discovering the apartment that she rented in Korea was less than desirable, Clegg began to wonder if she even really wanted to be in Korea or with Jihoon at all. Now, some fans have found the original listing for the apartment, and something about Clegg’s story just doesn’t add up.

Deavan Clegg | Instagram @deavanclegg

Trouble in paradise for Deavan and Jihoon

Clegg and Jihoon were on last season of The Other Way as well. Clegg eventually left Korea because she was pulling all of the weight in the relationship. While she was back in America, Jihoon promised Clegg that things would be different if she came back. He told her that he found a job and that he could assist with paying their bills this time.

 He also told her that he would be making $3,000-$4,000 a month. Later, he revealed to his friends that that wasn’t exactly true.

“I don’t really have a job,” he said on the show. “I have a side job doing deliveries. It goes by the hour and it’s a part-time job. I lied to Deavan because if I have no money, Deavan’s not [coming] to Korea.”

He also revealed that the only way he could make $3,000-$4,000 would be if he worked the morning shift, afternoon shift, and overnight, which he somehow thinks is a viable option.

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The apartment

Before coming to Korea, Clegg found an apartment online and paid one month’s rent in the hopes that after that, Jihoon would take over paying for housing. As Clegg and Jihoon drove to the new apartment with their parents, it quickly became clear that the apartment was in a bad area. Clegg’s mom and Jihoon’s mom began to question why Jihoon didn’t check out the apartment beforehand since he was the one living in Korea.

Upon entering the unit, Clegg was immediately unhappy. She claimed that the place looked nothing like the photos and that it was too small. The apartment didn’t have a living room, which Clegg felt made it unfit for kids as there was no space.

She put the blame on Jihoon, saying that it was his fault for not finding them a place and told him that he had to find a new apartment.

Did Deavan lie?

Since the episode aired, people on social media have been giving Jihoon a lot of flack for not helping out more. But, fan account @fraudedbytlc did some sleuthing and determined that the apartment situation may have been more of Clegg’s fault than she let on.

The account found the original AirB&B listing for the apartment that Clegg rented.

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“Deavan: ‘it looks nothing like the pictures!’” they captioned the photo. “Or, it looks exactly like the pictures? 🤷🏻‍♀️ ⁣the AirB&B listing for the apartment Deavan rented.”

The pictures from the AirB&B listing looked exactly like what was shown on The Other Way.

Other fans were quick to call the reality star out for exaggerating the truth.

“Lol it looks EXACTLY like pictures😂😂 and house is pretty normal & furnished,” one person commented. “She is drama queen.”

“It’s Korea, what was she is expecting?” another person said. “That apartment IS owned by a SUPER HOST, so it can’t be that bad. SUPER HOST is a big deal on Airbnb.”