’90 Day Fiance’: This Cast Member Just Got Into a Fist Fight with Someone From ‘Jersey Shore’

In reality television, shows rarely have crossovers the way scripted series do. But if you ever wanted to see what would happen if the cast of Jersey Shore met up with some of the hopeless romantics from 90 Day Fiance, then you got your wish.

Jersey Shore
Jenni Farley, Clayton Carpinello, Nicole Polizzi, Lauren Sorrentino, Amy Paffrath, Angela Pivarnick, and Deena Nicole Buckner | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

When reality shows end, the cast of those shows typically end up at the same charity events or promotions. And that is exactly what happened with Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick and 90 Day Fiance’s Ashley Martson. But instead of just greeting each other and commenting on one another’s shows, their interaction got intense.

What happened between Ashley Martson and Angelina Pivarnick?

The drama all started when both reality stars went to the Sugar Factory after a charity Christmas party thrown by publicist Johnny Donovan. While there, two of Martson’s friends reportedly started filming Pivarnick, according to Page Six.

But Martson told the outlet that Pivarnick was recording her and her friends first in order to try to get them kicked out.

Things between the women then cooled off for a bit before getting really ugly.

“Ashley stood up, and went over to Angelina’s side of the table, got in her face, and said, ‘I’ll f—k you up,’” a source told the outlet. “Angelina was just laughing. She said, ‘Yeah, all right. Go ahead.’”

No one is quite sure what caused the second standoff but it wasn’t the initial recording.

“It was completely separate,” the source continued. “What Ashley wanted to discuss, she discussed with Angelina in person.”

Former Giants player, Michael Cox, reportedly took Martson and her friends outside after a glass broke during the disagreement.

Martson, on the other hand, saw the events that transpired a bit differently.

“No one escorted me out,” she told the outlet. “Mike and I are very close friends. He was very concerned that things would get physical, so when I was in her face, he did say, ‘Hey, let’s go outside and take a breather.’ I refused to go back in.”

What does Angelina Pivarnick have to say about what happened?

Donovan, who is a rep for Pivarnick, spoke to the outlet for her.

“Everything was a big misunderstanding,” he said. “They just don’t like each other.”

“The people filming were the ones that started the fight,” he continued. “Angelina was just trying to defend herself because she didn’t want to be filmed.”

Angelina Pivarnick’s other fights

The news of this disagreement actually isn’t all that surprising when you look at who was involved. Pivarnick is no stranger to feuds. In fact, she is no longer speaking to the rest of the women of Jersey Shore because she feels that they disrespected her at her wedding with their speeches.

“Angelina is still feeling devastated after her wedding to Chris for a lot of reasons, the main being she did not get any photos with his mom who has cancer and got diagnosed three weeks before their wedding,” a source recently told HollywoodLife. “She barely has any photos she wanted from her wedding day and she blames her bridesmaids and their speech because she left the party for so long since she was so upset and missed several planned photos she was going to take. Her Jersey Shore co-stars knew how sick Chris’ mom has been and still moved forward with the speech.”