’90 Day Fiancé’: What Happens When Larissa Dos Santos Lima Contacts a Woman From Eric’s Past?

Larissa Dos Santos Lima has been dealing with a lot this season on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. She finally told her roommate that she is back with Eric Nichols, just to be kicked out of the place she was staying. Now Larissa is living with Eric under the same roof, and there’s drama going down already. Read on to learn what happens when Larissa contacts a woman from Eric’s past.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima gets kicked out, and she moves in with Eric

Larissa Dos Santos Lima
Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Crazy Horse 3

Larissa and Eric are now officially back together, but Larissa had to tell her roommate about the new turn of events. It turns out Carmen, Larissa’s roommate, kicked Larissa out of her home after learning she was back with Eric. With nowhere else to go, Larissa told Eric about the ordeal, and he offered his own place for Larissa to stay.

Larissa moves into her own room in a home Eric shares with a roommate. Things seem to be going Larissa’s way, that is, until she goes through Eric’s phone when he isn’t looking. She apparently found texts from a woman back when they were already broken up.

Larissa contacts a woman from Eric’s past

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Larissa decides to call the woman, named Natalie, to get the details about what Eric has said to her. “Eric has been say[ing] to this girl that I’m a bad mother, that I don’t take showers,” Larissa tells the cameras. She calls the woman and says she found her number in Eric’s phone. Natalie has a lot to say, and it’s shocking to hear. She says she hung out with Eric one night, and he proceeded to “bash” Larissa to her and Eric’s own parents.

The woman on the phone tells Larissa that Eric spoke about “intimacy” between Larissa and Eric. “He’s like a b****,” Larissa tells her. The woman says she never thought they’d get back together after what she heard Eric say about Larissa.

The woman details that Eric told her that Larissa was “crazy” and “super aggressive.” She also says Eric spoke about comparing Larissa sexually with Colt Johnson, her ex-husband. Apparently, Colt and Eric met up after Larissa broke up with Eric, and things were said. Larissa no longer feels she can trust Eric with everything she has heard.

Larissa confronts Eric about what she’s learned

In a sneak peek of next week’s episode, Larissa confronts Eric about what Natalie told her. “You hate me,” Larissa says to Eric. “Everybody hates you, don’t they?” Eric says to her in response.

“You bash me, you talk about my intimacy to strangers,” Larissa continues, clearly upset.

“Where the f*** are you at right now girl?” Eric screams at her. “Gonna call the cops?” Larissa asks him.

It sounds like this encounter isn’t going to be good for their relationship. Will Larissa and Eric be able to handle this blowout as a couple? Will things boil over, or can they move on from this? We’ll keep you updated on Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s relationship with Eric Nichols.