’90 Day Fiancé’: What Happens When Paul Staehle Meets Karine Martins’ Parents for the First Time?

In season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Paul Staehle meets his girlfriend, Karine Martins, for the very first time, and it’s a nerve-racking experience. Next up, he needs to meet her parents, which proves to be difficult because of the language barrier. Read on to learn what happens.

Paul Staehle meets Karine Martins’ parents

Paul and Karine Staehle
Paul and Karine Staehle | staehlekarine via Instagram

Although Paul has only just met Karine, it’s already time for him to meet the parents, or soon-to-be in-laws. Since Paul only speaks English and Karine and her family do not, it’s hard to have an actual full-on conversation. Paul already realizes this the moment he meets Karine, who has a hard time understanding him.

“Karine is the most beautiful woman I have ever been with,” Paul says. “The only problem is, we don’t speak each other’s languages.”

Paul arrives at Karine’s house where she lives, and he’s nervous before going in. Karine’s father is retired law enforcement according to Paul, so he’s a little concerned about how things will go. They enter the house, and Paul goes up to Karine’s mother and hugs her. He can at least say, “Hi,” to them, which is something.

‘He doesn’t understand me?’

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Karine’s father says something to Paul, but he doesn’t understand. All he can do is smile. “He doesn’t understand me?” Karine’s father asks. It makes for an awkward time. Her father wants to know what they can talk about since Paul doesn’t understand.

“It worries me that we won’t understand what he’s saying to us and that he won’t understand what we’re saying to him,” Gracilene, Karine’s mother, says. “I do worry about that.”

Karine’s father has this to say right in front of Paul, who doesn’t understand: “Now he’ll stay here this whole time like a mute. No one knows what the mute wants.”

Paul is clearly not having an easy time with the whole language barrier thing. He doesn’t speak Portuguese, so that makes things kind of difficult. Luckily, Paul eventually pulls out his phone to use the translator app to assist him.

Paul asks if Karine can stay at the hotel with him

He asks Karine to show him around her home, which she does. He sees her bedroom, and takes the time to ask her if she will go to the hotel with him. Karine says he should ask her parents. Paul reads from his phone the question on his mind: “Can Karine stay in a hotel with me?”

Karine’s father doesn’t seem too happy with that idea. “I was surprised because I didn’t think it would happen,” Karine’s father says to the cameras.

“With him coming here, as an American, do I trust him?” he says out loud in front of Paul. “Here in Brazil, a motel is only for sexual encounters.” Karine uses the translator app to explain to Paul what her father just said.

“I promise to keep her safe and keep her honor,” Paul says as he uses a translator app to help him convey what he wants to say. Karine’s father eventually allows her to go, and Paul thanks them.

Paul and Karine go off to the hotel, and the first meeting with the parents is over. It was a stressful situation for Paul, that’s for sure.