’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Andrei Castravet Isn’t Thrilled After His Fiancé, Elizabeth Potthast, Has a Bachelorette Party

Fans are first introduced to Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast in season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé. Before they get married, Elizabeth goes off to have a bachelorette party with her sisters and friends. Read on to learn why Andrei isn’t thrilled about the bachelorette party. He wants her to be in contact with him throughout the evening, but that isn’t the way things go.

Elizabeth Potthast goes off for her bachelorette party

Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet
Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet | elizabethpotthast via Instagram

Elizabeth’s sisters and friends pick her up in a pink limo, and they are off to Miami. Elizabeth says she’s looking forward to things, but she tells her sisters that Andrei doesn’t want her to drink too much. They arrive at the hotel and start to get ready for a night out.

Jen, Elizabeth’s sister, says she is going to take away her phone, and she sends a video to Andrei saying they are holding Elizabeth hostage for 24 hours. Elizabeth isn’t too thrilled about not having her phone, and it’s clearly written on her face as she gets ready for the night out.

Elizabeth gets her phone back and has a good night

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Elizabeth is upset that she can’t have her phone, and they tell her it’s because they want her to “let loose.” Elizabeth says she wants to be able to talk to Andrei. Eventually, they give her back her phone, but not before it’s made out to be an entire ordeal. Elizabeth, her sisters, and friends head out for a night on the town. They dance and have a fun time, despite the way things began earlier.

Why Andrei Castravet isn’t thrilled after his fiancé, Elizabeth Potthast, has a bachelorette party

Elizabeth returns home from her fun time in Miami, but she still has to face Andrei. He asks her if she had some drinks, which she admits she did. Elizabeth tells the cameras that she returns to Andrei sitting on the couch, who doesn’t get up to greet her, and seems expressionless with his looks. He’s clearly annoyed.

“His behavior makes me feel like I should feel guilty, like, I did something wrong. But I didn’t do anything wrong and it’s absolutely absurd,” Elizabeth says. She asks if he’s mad that she went, and he says, “I mean, like you disappeared for a couple of hours, I didn’t know what you were doing.”

Elizabeth explains that they took her phone, but she eventually got it back. “You know how I feel like when you disappear,” Andrei tells her. He goes on to recount how he texted her a few times and she didn’t answer. “I was getting a little bit upset you know? Because we had an agreement before this, you know, like to, just like, so you can have a phone. But I guess they didn’t listen to me.”

Andrei asks if she was drunk, and he seems annoyed. She also admits to dancing, and he has a weird look on his face when she explains herself. Apparently. bachelor and bachelorette parties aren’t common in his country, according to Andrei.

Andrei was clearly not thrilled about Elizabeth going out for her bachelorette party, and the expression on his face says it all.