’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Debbie Is Afraid to Leave Her Son, Colt Johnson, Alone With Jess Caroline

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Colt Johnson and his mother, Debbie, have finally landed in Brazil to visit Jess Caroline and her family, and it’s already been an eventful trip. After Colt and Debbie meet Jess’ family, Debbie and Jess have a little bit of an argument, and Debbie ends up going back to the hotel. Read on to learn why Debbie is afraid to leave Colt alone with Jess.

Debbie and Jess share some words in front of Jess’ family

Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie
Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie | savagecoltj via Instagram

Jess takes Colt and Debbie to meet her family in Brazil, and it’s a surprising turn of events. Debbie can’t wait to meet Jess’ family, but things get out of hand quickly. Jess asks Colt what he wants from her in front of everyone, and he says he wants a family with her. He also mentions that Jess is “the best person” he’s ever met. Jess reveals that her family member says if Colt wants to marry Jess, he has to do it at their home.

This all prompts Debbie to ask the table if anyone else thinks that Colt and Jess’ relationship is moving too fast. Jess says she doesn’t care, and Debbie says Jess and Colt still don’t know each other. Debbie even brings up the fact that they don’t live in the same city. She thinks everything is moving too fast.

Debbie also adds that she doesn’t want Colt to be divorced in six months, and Jess insists that she’s different from Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Debbie asks what the rush is. She then tells Jess not to put her hand in her face, and she says she done.

“Son of a b****,” Jess says. “F*** you.” At this point, Colt tries to calm everyone down. Debbie wants to leave and go back to the hotel. Colt walks his mother to the car to go back to the hotel by herself.

Colt Johnson goes to speak with his mother

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The next day, Colt arrives at his mother’s room to talk to her about the previous night’s events. He says his mother got “angry and upset.” Debbie isn’t thrilled that she came back to the hotel alone without her son. She says Jess was “defensive” and put her hand near her face. Colt apologizes for the other night, but Debbie is now convinced that Jess is trying to get a green card. Colt feels put in the middle, and it’s a hard place to be.

Why Debbie is afraid to leave Colt alone with Jess

Debbie is worried everything is moving way too fast, and she lets Colt know it. Debbie thinks Jess is in a hurry to get married with Colt. “I feel like I am the only one that’s gonna stop Colt from marrying her right away. I’m afraid to leave them alone because I’m afraid they’re gonna run off and get married,” Debbie tells the cameras. “And I don’t think Colt is thinking straight.”

Debbie tells Colt to “pay attention to what Jess is doing.” Colt thinks his mother is overreacting about the way things went down in front of Jess’ family. How will the rest of the trip in Brazil go? Will Debbie and Jess finally talk things out? We’ll keep you updated on Colt Johnson’s trip to Brazil with his mother, Debbie, to visit Jess Caroline.