’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Fernanda Flores Got Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Fernanda Flores
Fernanda Flores Fernanda Flores via Instagram

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera ended their relationship after getting married on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé. The two have since talked about moving on and for Flores that seems to be involving changing her look. She got non-surgical rhinoplasty for a reason and this is what Rivera said about it.

Fernanda Flores wanted a more defined nose

Flores went in for a pretty different procedure. Nose jobs no longer have to be permanent or surgical. You could get injections instead, which is non-surgical rhinoplasty. The reality star captured her procedure on video.

In it, Dr. Otto J. Placik explained her goals with “our beautiful patient just wants to have a more defined nose. She actually has a very petite, pretty nose a lot of people would like, but she wants a more defined bridge, a little more defined tip.”

He went on to put filler into the bridge and tip of her nose. The change afterward is pretty subtle.

Jonathan Rivera slammed her after her procedure

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores
Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores | Jonathan Rivera via Instagram

Things still aren’t going well between Flores and her estranged husband, Jonathan Rivera. He replied to a fan’s comment slamming her and her procedure.

According to Soap Dish, he wrote, “when you try to drag my character through the mud to redirect attention off of you, out here getting nose jobs and sh*t after you went through ‘hell’ and I’m the narcissist. I have a slight problem with that. I don’t know how she’s paying for it, but it’s damn sure not my money. I sacrificed so much for someone who deserved so little. You can’t fix fake.”

The “narcissist” comment was probably in reference to what Flores previously said on Twitter. “You want to know what happened?” she asked according to Us Weekly “I married a narcissist.”

She also posted a list of “NARCISSISTIC TRAITS” which led to bullet points reading “Nothing will ever be his fault,” “He’ll never be there for you. Ever. No matter what.” She also wrote in an Instagram post that she went through “hell.”

Rivera previously defended Flores after announcing their breakup

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores
Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores | Jonathan Rivera via Instagram

The former couple’s last exchanges are pretty different from how their breakup started. Rivera gave an interview revealing they broke up and he didn’t seem to have any hard feelings about it.

My feelings for Fernanda were real and Fernanda’s feelings for me were real. Fernanda’s not a gold digger. Fernanda didn’t come here for a green card,” Jonathan Rivera told In Touch Weekly. “What happened was things change, things change and people change and I can’t help that.”

So what was the reason he gave for their breakup? “I don’t know how to help someone from changing who they are or who they were,” he said. He noted, “Also, she’s young, 20 years old. You have a tendency to continue to grow, you want different things as time goes on and I can’t blame her for that.”

During that time Flores was taking a break from social media. Then she returned and slowly began opening up about the breakup.

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