’90 Day Fiancé’ Sneak Peek: Why Jess Caroline Throws Her Shoes at Colt Johnson

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Colt Johnson’s time in Brazil has certainly been memorable. He made the journey to meet his girlfriend, Jess Caroline, and her family, along with his mother, Debbie. There has been drama between the three of them, and this week has been no different. Debbie reveals some new information to Jess that gets her really upset, and she even throws her shoes at Colt.

Colt Johnson
Colt Johnson | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Debbie calls Vanessa and fills her in

Vanessa Guerra is Colt Johnson’s friend, and the person watching Debbie and Colt’s cats while they’re away in Brazil. Colt and Jess have even argued about Colt’s friendship with Vanessa before.

Colt revealed in a previous episode that he met Vanessa before he was even divorced from Larissa Dos Santos Lima. They talked online, and eventually decided to meet at a casino. He admitted to the cameras that he slept with her once before, and that he has a crush on her.

Colt promised Jess that he wouldn’t talk to Vanessa anymore, but he’s done no such thing, considering Vanessa came over for dinner before Colt and Debbie left for Brazil.

This week, Debbie calls Vanessa to check on the cats and to vent a little about what’s going on in Brazil. Since Debbie left, Vanessa has shared media with her of the cats and how they’re doing. Vanessa asks how things are going in Brazil, and Debbie doesn’t hold back.

“It’s going crazy here,” Debbie says to Vanessa. “Well I met Jess.” Vanessa asks how that went.

“Seemed to be in a little hurry, about maybe her getting married,” Debbie tells Vanessa. “Her visa’s up in six months. She told her dad that she didn’t know when she’ll be seeing him again. If her visa’s up in six months, then I would think she’d be seeing him in six months.”

Debbie also details that Colt met Jess Caroline’s father, and he took him to the side to talk privately. She thinks maybe he was asking for permission to marry Jess. “You better try to put a stop to that or something,” Vanessa tells Debbie.

“You can’t take a mother away from her son,” Debbie says to the cameras. “If it’s a bad relationship, I will do everything in my power to sabotage his relationship.”

Debbie mentions Vanessa in front of Jess, and it causes major problems

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Since Colt and Jess got their own room at the hotel, they come over to see Debbie before going out to meet Jess’ friends. Suddenly, Debbie mentions that she spoke to Vanessa and that the cats are doing great. Jess questions the whole thing, and Debbie proceeds to try and show her a video of one of the cats, but Jess isn’t trying to see that right now. Debbie repeats what she said, and Jess looks at Colt, who reiterates that Vanessa is watching the cats for them.

Debbie innocently says, “She’s just watching the cats,” and they’re her cats and Vanessa is doing it for her, not Colt. Jess gets upset, and says Colt told her he wouldn’t talk to Vanessa anymore. Colt says she’s just a friend, and Debbie agrees. “Vanessa’s a b****,” Jess tells him.

When producers ask Debbie if she knew Jess had an issue with the Vanessa topic, Debbie gets this look as she looks off to the side and doesn’t say anything.

Jess says Colt lied to her

Jess is upset because she says Colt lied to her when he said he wouldn’t talk to Vanessa anymore. She tells Colt she thinks Vanessa is his friend with benefits. Debbie continues to say they are all just friends. Colt and Debbie suddenly start to gang up on Jess and say she has trust issues, even though she has legitimate feelings about the situation.

“We’re friends, she’s friends with him. That’s all there is to it. Friends,” Debbie says to Jess. Debbie says if Jess can’t handle that, “then you’re in trouble cause if you’re that jealous of him, and not trusting him, you have a real problem young lady.”

Colt seems to agree, and says they have trust issues. Jess decides to get up and leave the room, and who can blame her?

Why Jess Caroline throws her shoes at Colt Johnson

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Jess again tells Colt that he lied to her in regards to the whole Vanessa situation. Back in their own hotel room, things don’t end there. Jess takes her shoes off and throws them at Colt, who’s on the other side of the bed, and it looks like things are just getting more heated between them.

Jess has a genuine concern about Colt’s relationship with his friend, Vanessa. Colt slept with her, and he admitted before that he has a crush on her. He lied to Jess about how he is still talking to Vanessa and seeing her, so she has every right to be upset with him. Plus, his mother is instigating the whole thing and making things worse.

Will they be able to repair this situation? Or will Jess cut her losses and leave Colt for lying to her about Vanessa? She’s clearly very upset, and it’s honestly understandable. Who wouldn’t be upset when their partner lies to them? Could their relationship survive this drama that Debbie just caused? We’ll hopefully find out in the next episode.