’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Juliana Custodio Said She Doesn’t ‘Trust Anyone,’ Not Even Michael

Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen have made their mark on Season 7 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. The unlikely fan favorite couple, 23-year-old Brazilian model Juliana and 42-year-old divorced father and Connecticut wine entrepreneur Michael, is now married. They frequently express their love for one another on social media. 

However, on the Dec. 22 episode of 90 Day Fiancé, “Judgment Day,” things weren’t so lovey-dovey for the couple. Michael and Juliana wrestled yet again with the difficult idea of a prenuptial agreement, with Juliana wondering if she had given up too much of her independence by moving to the U.S. for her fiance.

Juliana Custodio
Juliana Custodio | Juliana Custodio via Instagram

Juliana worried Michael would abandon her 

On the previous week’s episode, Juliana revealed that part of her issue with the idea of a prenuptial agreement was related to her relationship history with Michael. 

The 23-year-old model said Michael had promised to take care of her financially. However, she claimed, he had left her without help in Brazil when he broke up with her for a few months during their two-year relationship. 

When the couple met with a mediator about protecting Michael’s assets for his kids in the event of a divorce, those old wounds resurfaced for the 90 Day Fiancé star. “Before we broke up, you said ‘okay, I will take care of you. Of course,’” she reminded Michael. “But suddenly you just disappear, and I wasn’t prepared for that.” 

“My financial situation was a shame, it was terrible, and I don’t want that to happen with me ever again,” Juliana worried.

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The couple clashed over the controversial issue 

As the 90 Day Fiancé couple watched Michael’s children, Max and CeCe, try their hand at an indoor rock climbing gym, they discussed the idea of a prenup. 

“The meeting caused some tension,” Michael told TLC producers of their sit-down with a mediator. “Juliana, since she’s been here, she’s lost a lot of her independence, and the whole discussion really reminded her that at this moment, she’s a little bit in the corner.” 

For Michael’s part, he explained in “Judgment Day” that he had let outside opinions influence him too much in his temporary breakup with Juliana

“Some of my friends, some of my family, were in my ear, saying ‘oh, just another girl that’s…bad intentions, gonna treat you bad.’ It didn’t even feel right, but for some reason I felt so much pressure just to break up with her,” he explained. “I said, ‘This is it. We’re done.’” Michael said this had caused “lingering issues” between them and created distrust in their relationship. 

Juliana said men don’t ‘control’ her 

Juliana also told TLC producers that Michael’s much greater wealth and independence in the U.S. were starting to grate on her. The meeting with the mediator, she explained, “opened [her] eyes” to what she had delayed and given up, career-wise, to be with her fiance. 

The 90 Day Fiancé stars clashed over the idea of “independence.” Michael thought Juliana was concerned about unrelated matters. “It has nothing to do with your independence or your dependence. This has to do with marriage,” he told her of the prenup. 

But Juliana believed it was deeper than that. “I think all the time, I say this word ‘independent,’ I touch him some way. He gets mad, angry, and he start to say, I don’t want to talk about it,” she told producers. “I think he always had control in everything and he wanna have control over me, but it’s not gonna happen because mens doesn’t control me.”

Michael let go of the prenup idea

Ultimately, Michael decided the idea of a prenup had caused too much of a rift. 

“We’re not doing it. No prenup,” he told Juliana on the episode. 

The 90 Day Fiancé star explained his reasoning, saying he’d realized he believed Juliana had good intentions. “It doesn’t make sense. It’s stupid. No matter what happens, you’re gonna be okay. The kids will be fine,” he told his future wife. “This is not why we’re getting married, as a business transaction or some stupid thing like this, so whatever. There we are.” 

Michael continued to TLC producers, “We are together in this. We’re both thinking about each other. So I thought about it and decided it’s not something we need. We don’t need a prenuptial agreement.” 

But while Michael may have been entirely confident, Juliana didn’t seem completely convinced. She told producers she didn’t understand exactly why Michael had changed his mind. When a producer asked her if she trusted Michael at the end of the day, Juliana paused and finally admitted, “I don’t trust anyone.”