’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Karine’s Reaction to Paul’s Car Is Priceless

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Paul Staehle takes Karine Staehle to see his car in the United States, which is at his parents’ house. Paul is hoping to impress Karine with America, especially with the fact that they have access to a vehicle now. Read on to learn how it all goes down.

Paul Staehle takes his wife to see his car in America

Paul and Karine Staehle
Paul and Karine Staehle | pauljasonstaehle via Instagram

Paul brings Karine and their child to pick up their new ride. Things are already off to a rough start because Paul doesn’t have keys to his parents’ house anymore. Paul takes Karine to see the car, but she isn’t impressed. The car has dents and a lot of trash inside, and Paul doesn’t have a trash bag to clean it.

“So, it’s a clunker,” Paul tells his wife. Paul opens up the trunk to get some fluid for under the hood, and Karine takes a look. “Oh my god, Paul,” Karine says as she looks at the trunk. It’s full of different items and Paul looks around for what he needs. “It’s very messy too,” she says.

Why Karine’s reaction to Paul’s car is priceless

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Karine reacts to Paul’s ride with so much sass it’s hilarious. She tells the cameras: “I’m not surprised that Paul’s car is a mess.” She’s clearly not impressed or relieved that they have a new car to ride around in.

She tells Paul he needs to clean the car. “He’s probably waiting for his mom to clean it for him,” Karine also tells the cameras. Paul throws out some clearly stale and old French fries from the car, and he admits that his car needs to be cleaned.

Karine says she and the baby won’t be getting in the vehicle, and Paul says it’s their way of getting around. Karine isn’t liking the mess, and she tells him all about it. Karine doesn’t want to get in the car, and wants Paul to clean it out. Paul says he can’t get a trash bag to clean out the car because his mother took the keys for the house off his car keys.

After some time has gone by, Karine comes over to ask how long it is going to take. She keeps remarking on how “dirty” the car is. “You f****** were in a wooden hut,” Paul tells her.

They put the car seat in, and Karine gets in the car reluctantly and they drive off.

Fans react to the whole thing

Fans recently spoke about Karine’s reaction to Paul’s car on Reddit. Someone posted a screenshot of Karine saying she isn’t surprised that “Paul’s car is a mess.”

One fan brought up a good point about how Paul acts about germs, and then you see the state of his car. “Paul makes me laugh. Wasn’t he supposed to be afraid of germs in his first season?” a fan asked in the comments.

Another fan thinks Paul shouldn’t be selling America to Karine the way he’s doing it. “Pole needs to stop trying to sell Karine America by showing her supermarkets, broken down cars, and drinking tap water,” a fan also said.

A fan thinks Karine should just go back to Brazil. “I think Karine should cut her losses, take the baby and go back home,” said another Reddit user.

We’ll keep you updated on everything having to do with Paul and Karine’s memorable relationship.