’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Larissa Dos Santos Lima Tells Eric’s Roommate to Leave Her Alone

There’s some major drama going down in Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s life right now on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. She came clean to her roommate, Carmen, about her relationship with Eric Nichols being back on again. Then, she ends up getting kicked out of the house, and has to go stay with Eric and his roommate, David. However, when Larissa discovers old texts from another woman in Eric’s phone, they have words over it, and things get heated.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima discovers texts from a woman in Eric Nichol’s phone

Larissa Dos Santos Lima
Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Larissa has only just settled into her new home, when she finds old texts between Eric and another woman named Natalie. Larissa decides to call her and learn more about what Eric revealed to her.

“Eric has been saying to this girl that I’m a bad mother, that I don’t take showers,” Larissa says to the cameras. When Larissa calls the woman, Natalie says that Eric spoke about their “intimacy” and that he bashed her to both her and his parents.

With this new information, Larissa chooses to confront Eric about what she’s learned. The argument is already off to a rocky start because Larissa took Eric’s phone from him. She says she let him borrow the phone because he’s “cheap,” and that it’s her phone, so she’s taking it back since he’s using it to “trash” her.

Eric admits to the cameras that he “may have” spoke about a “sexual relationship” with her. “I may have talked about some sort of sexual relationship between Larissa and I, but we had an agreement that if anything were to come up after her and I got back together, we would discuss it like adults,” Eric tells the cameras. “And I don’t feel like we’ve been able to discuss this like adults.”

Larissa speaks with Carmen about what happened

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Larissa is clearly stressed, and looking quite disheveled. She heads to Carmen’s house to fill her in and get some much-needed advice. Carmen isn’t a fan of Eric, so it’s kind of obvious how she’s going to react to the news. “I knew that would happen,” Carmen tells Larissa.

“I haven’t seen Larissa looking that bad since she has been with Colt,” Carmen explains to the cameras. “I think Eric is very predictable. I felt that it would happen. I just did not think it would be too soon.”

Carmen tells Larissa that she needs to love herself more, and that she can find someone else. “I feel like a clown because I knew that Carmen was right, but I want to give Eric the benefit of the doubt,” Larissa explains.

Why Larissa tells Eric’s roommate to leave her alone

While talking to Carmen, Larissa misses a call, and she assumes it’s Eric. It turns out it was, and he was using his roommate David’s phone to call her. David answers the phone when Larissa calls back, and the phone issues comes up again. Larissa explains right away that Eric only “borrowed” the phone from her. David says that Eric told him that Larissa gave it to him.

Larissa goes on to explain again that she let Eric borrow the phone, and that she told him if she needed it, she would take it back at a later time. “Right, obviously you guys were broken up and he still had that phone. Right?” David inquires.

Larissa tries to reply, but David says, “Larissa listen. He could have reasonable cause to like report the phone stolen.” Larissa insists that it’s her phone. “Why would you be so willing to let him call the cops over this?” David asks her.

Larissa isn’t having any of that. She insists yet again that it’s her phone. “OK David. You don’t need to be between us,” Larissa says, clearly upset. “No, go live your life. Leave me alone David.” Larissa hangs up on David, and it’s unclear where things go from here.

Larissa is clearly still upset about what she learned from Natalie. She isn’t trying to hear what David is saying to her, so she tells him to leave her alone.

Will Larissa and Eric be able to repair things? Hopefully, there’s a happy ending in sight for these two.