’90 Day Fiance’: Will Caesar Mack Be On Next Week’s Episode?

90 Day Fiancé fans were recently left disappointed but largely unsurprised by a development in Caesar Mack’s story on the show. Mack, a self-described romantic, has been wooing a Ukrainian beauty named Maria for the past five years. The kicker is that they’ve never met in person. 

Mack’s friends and coworkers have all expressed concern over the relationship. Mack has been sending Maria money for a long time, and they were worried he was being catfished. Everything came to a head during a recent trip to Mexico, when Mack got dumped. Now, his future on the show remains unclear. 

Sending money to Maria 

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Caesar Mack originally met Maria online, via an international dating service named Anastasia Date. According to Mack, those who use the website are able to spend money to send gifts to women they’re interested in. Mack admitted to spending $450 to send Maria flowers and a card. 

However, that’s not the only money the 90 Day Fiancé star has spent on Maria. In fact, Mack revealed that he’s been sending Maria $800 a month. Mack estimated that he’s sent Maria roughly $40,000 to date — that’s no paltry sum, and it seems as if it’s affected Mack’s quality of life, as seen in his barely furnished apartment.

What’s more, Mack has spent money on several attempts to see Maria. He has bought her plane tickets and usually winds up losing the cash when Maria cancels the trip for one reason or another. 

Mack claims he’s just a hopeless romantic. “I learned to do nails from my ex-girlfriend. She was my high school sweetheart, we dated for thirteen years, and when we broke up I was heartbroken. But, I’m still a hopeless romantic. It’s very important for me to have somebody that’s my soulmate. Somebody that I can walk the beach with, live my life, and basically live our life in like, a dreamland,” said the 90 Day Fiancé star.

Mack gets dumped

Unfortunately, things get worse for Caesar Mack. The self-proclaimed romantic took out a $2,000 loan from his boss in order to buy Maria a trip to Mexico, where he planned for the two to meet up. Mack was even hoping to propose to Maria when she arrived. 

Maria went radio silent for three days prior to Mack’s trip to Mexico. Sadly, Mack soon discovered that Maria simply did not intend to make the trip. Mack learned that there apparently hadn’t been enough money for Maria to make the flight. 

“It wasn’t her fault. It was my fault. If the ticket wasn’t canceled, I think Maria would have gone on the flight. I still have hope I can meet her in person. When you really love somebody, you don’t ever give up on them. I’m still gonna try to get her here. I’m gonna do what it takes,” said Mack at the time.

Later, the two had a call on the phone. Maria told Mack, “I don’t want to go to Mexico. Please, I really… I’m tired. Really tired. So please don’t book anything.”

Maria went on to tell Mack that he was always playing the victim, and that he isn’t a real man. Mack asked Maria if it was over, to which she replied, “Yes, it’s over. You will live your life, I will live my life, OK? It’s over.”

Will Mack return?

Caesar Mack went out for a nice dinner in an effort to improve his mood. Unfortunately, the 90 Day Fiancé star forgot to make sure the table was set for one. Mack spent the entire dinner looking very obviously stood up.

“Walking up to that dinner felt like a nightmare,” Mack told the camera.“Reality is starting to set in and I’m just blaming myself right now.”

Mack soon realizes that Maria must have known the ticket was canceled ahead of time, and suspects that’s why she didn’t contact him for three days. He tells the producers, “Right now, I’m feeling pretty pissed right now. I did everything I could do and I’m feeling pretty pissed.”

Mack proceeded to storm off. Now, his future on the show remains unclear. With Maria out of the picture, where does that leave Mack?