’90 Day Fiancé’: Will Jenny Slatten Leave India After Sumit Revealed Arranged Marriage?

90 Day Fiancé stars Sumit and Jenny Slatten have left fans in a frenzy after their latest episodes. Sumit dropped a huge bomb on fans and Jenny alike when he revealed he’s already married. Fans found out ahead of Jenny when Sumit admitted his secret to the camera. Jenny found out when Sumit’s wife’s family, as well as his own family, showed up at Jenny and Sumit’s apartment and physically removed Sumit from the building. 

Since then, it hasn’t been clear to fans what the future holds for Sumit and Jenny. Jenny left everything behind to move to India, and doesn’t have much to return to in the States any longer. But with Sumit in an arranged marriage that he might not be able to leave, is Jenny willing to stay in India? 

Sumit gets cornered in his apartment

Sumit has been lying to Jenny Slatten for many years now. In fact, the 90 Day Fiancé star previously catfished the U.S.-based grandmother. For a long time, Sumit pretended to be a male model named Michael Jones on Facebook, and Jenny bought it. When Sumit realized the two had a genuine emotional connection, he came clean, and Slatten accepted him despite his lies.

Sadly, Sumit was also hiding his arranged marriage from Jenny. Now, the cat is out of the bag. Sumit received a phone call at his apartment with Jenny Slatten. After the call, he stepped outside and told Jenny to lock the doors. 

Sumit returned to the door with another man, who informed Jenny, “Hello, Jenny. How are you? I’m Sumit’s wife’s father.”

Slatten said of the following events, “What happened was worse than anything I could have ever imagined. It’s like you’re having a nightmare and you wake up and it’s true. That’s what it felt like.”

According to Slatten, Sumit squared off against his own family as well as his wife’s, looking as though he was ready to fight. The others eventually cornered Sumit and removed him from the building. 

Some fans think Jenny might be in on it

Despite the dramatic confrontation and Jenny Slatten’s tears on camera, there are fans who believe she might be lying to 90 Day Fiancé viewers. SoapDirt recently posted a screenshot of a Facebook post in which a woman claiming to be Jenny’s cousin says Slatten knew all along. 

“I told everyone he was married. She’s my cousin and she knew he was married the whole time,” the user wrote

SoapDirt also uncovered a photo Slatten posted to Facebook in 2013 that seems to depict Slatten and Sumit’s mother sitting happily next to one another. Slatten even specified that the woman in the photo was Sumit’s mother in the photo’s caption. 

Would Jenny move back to the U.S.?

Now that Sumit has been detained by his own family, will he try to break off his arranged marriage? And if not, will Slatten move back to the United States?

Slatten herself told cameras, “I left my whole life in America to come here and be with Sumit in India.”

Sumit showed up at his apartment with Slatten a week after he was taken away. When he came back, he told her, “It’s not like that I want to be with her. I got married, and after that, I try. Didn’t work out.”

“You’re saying for the first year of your marriage you tried? You tried to stay in that marriage, you tried to be good in that marriage. But you were talking to me Sumit! … If you’re trying to be married to her and work out your marriage with her then why were you talking to me?” asked Slatten.

It seems as if Jenny Slatten is only allowed about three months time on her visa in India without marrying Sumit. Now that it’s come to light that Sumit is already married, it seems unlikely that Slatten and Sumit will be able to tie the knot before time runs out. Frankly, it sounds as if Slatten will have no choice but to return to the U.S. soon.