‘Big Brother 21’: Which Houseguest Wanted to Self Evict After Zingbot’s Zing?

Zingbot finally made his visit to the Big Brother 21 house. He had a lot to say to the houseguests and not everyone liked it. One person talked about wanting to self evict. Find out who it was and what else happened with Zingbot’s visit. Spoilers for episode 28!

Zingbot came to zing the houseguests

Zingbot 9000 came to roast the houseguests of Big Brother 21. He had something to say to each person.

He said Tommy Bracco reminded him of his favorite musical, “Little Shop of Attention Wh*re.” Holly Allen was referred to as an old buzzard and Jackson Michie was called a pompous douchebag. Christie Murphy’s loud chewing was put on blast.

The rest of the houseguests didn’t get off easy. Nick Maccarone got a bowl as a present because of his haircut. Zingbot said Nicole Anthony didn’t have any friends. Cliff Hogg III was called voluptuous and Jessica Milagros was called a snoozefest.

Holly said she wanted to self evict after Zingbot’s comment

The Zingbot’s comments really stuck around the house beyond his visit. Holly didn’t seem to enjoy his zing at all.

She was talking about Zingbot’s comments multiple times after being called an old buzzard. Tommy was seen breaking down the insult to her.

“Apparently a buzzard is a bird that gets the leftovers,” he said to her. Holly said, “Because it gets like old scraps.” She then said, “That’s way worse.”

Many fans believe this is referring to Holly getting with Jackson after he was with Kathryn Dunn. She went on to hint that this was what the comment was about in a later conversation.

Holly and Tommy were still talking about it in the kitchen around other houseguests. Tommy said, “Holly, it really might go over people’s heads. I didn’t get it.”

She said, “It really makes me sick. It makes me want to f*cking self evict because I didn’t sign up to be–my entire character to be f*cking misconstrued to the f*cking world because of one f*cking thing that has nothing to do with this game.”

Holly then said this involves her close friend in the house “who we had open communication and f*cking transparency” with in the situation. Eventually, things cooled off and Holly is still very much in the game.

The houseguests had to free Zingbot for a veto competition

Holly Allen on 'Big Brother'
Holly Allen on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Zingbot revealed he was on the run after a political scandal and was put in a detention facility. The houseguests had to free him by taking out cameras in a competition.

Nick, Jackson, Holly, Cliff, Jessica and Christie played in the competition. It really all came down to Jackson and Nick, but it was Jackson who won the veto.

He decided to keep the nominations the same with Christie and Nick on the block. That isn’t surprising given Holly is the one who put them up. They were still trying to get Nick out of the house for working with everyone in the house. Fans will have to wait and see if Nick or Christie will be evicted.