The Heartwarming Lesson Ashton Kutcher Learned From His Twin Brother Michael

Ashton Kutcher is a famous actor who rose to fame after portraying cute but stupid Michael Kelso on That 70s Show.

However, most may not know that he has a twin brother, Michael. Growing up, Kutcher felt protective of his brother because he has Cerebral Palsy. This had a significant effect on Kutcher’s childhood.

According to Hello Magazine, Kutcher has learned a sweet life lesson from his brother.

Ashton Kutcher’s childhood and what his brother taught him

Ashton Kutcher was born Christopher Ashton Kutcher on February 7, 1978, in a small Iowa town. He has a twin brother, Michael, and a sister, Tausha.

According to CR Fashion Book, Kutcher’s brother went through several surgeries while growing up, which caused Kutcher a great deal of worry. When they were 13, Michael had to have heart surgery, and their parents divorced. Both of these events took a toll on Kutcher. Kutcher found comfort in acting in high school plays, but Biography reports he became rebellious during his older teen years.

During his senior year, Kutcher was arrested for attempting to break into his high school, and he partied quite a bit. After high school, Kutcher attended the University of Iowa to study biochemical engineering because he wanted to find a way to help his brother.

Kutcher remains close to his brother, Michael. In 2017, Kutcher paid tribute to him when he accepted the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award. Kutcher said in his speech, “my brother was born with Cerebral Palsy, and it taught me that loving people isn’t a choice and that people aren’t actually all created equal… we’re all created incredibly unequal to one another, in our capabilities and what we can do and how we think and what we see. But we all have the equal capacity to love one another. My brother taught me that.”

Kutcher then went on to say, “when I got older, I spent years and years feeling bad about it, our inequalities. He also taught me that he had gifts I didn’t have. Extraordinary gifts that I didn’t have, and that every time I felt sorry for him in life, I made him less. He taught me that, and he gave that to me.”

Ashton Kutcher’s career

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher | Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch

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Kutcher worked a variety of jobs to put himself through college, like being a sweeper for the General Mills factory. In 1997, Kutcher won a local modeling competition, which changed his life.

Kutcher then moved to New York City, signed on with a modeling agency, and modeled for companies like Abercrombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein. A year later, he landed his debut acting role in That 70s Show; he was 19 at the time. In 2003, Kutcher co-created and starred in MTV’s show, Punk’d, where he played practical jokes on other celebrities.

In addition to acting on TV shows, like Two and a Half Men, Kutcher has also starred in various movies, mostly comedies, but a couple of dramas as well, such as A Butterfly Effect and Personal Effects.

What is he up to now?

In 2012, Ashton Kutcher reconnected with his That 70s Show co-star, Mila Kunis, and the two started dating. They are now married with two children. Kutcher continues to act, although not as much as he did before having a family. From 2016 to 2020, he starred in a Netflix original show called The Ranch.

However, these days, Kutcher focuses on his family and his foundation, Thorn, which he started in 2009 with now ex-wife, Demi Moore.