A ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestant From Colton Underwood’s Season Admitted She’s Now Dating Her First Boyfriend Ever

Colton Underwood from The Bachelor is dealing with plenty of personal drama thanks to his relationship with Cassie Randolph. But we can’t forget about the other women on his season. Sydney Lotuaco was a dancer, and she initially caught Underwood’s eye. Sadly, she was sent home — and she was sent home on Bachelor in Paradise as well.

Now, Lotuaco has her first boyfriend — ever. And she’s talking about what their relationship is like. Here’s what she told Dean Unglert on his podcast, Help! I Suck at Dating.

Sydney Lotuaco went through multiple breakups from ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

(L-R) Sydney Lotuaco and Wills Reid attend the Prostate Cancer Foundation Kicks Off Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
(L-R) Sydney Lotuaco and Wills Reid attend the Prostate Cancer Foundation Kicks Off Prostate Cancer Awareness Month | Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

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Lotuaco wasn’t so lucky when it comes to love during her stint on reality TV. She didn’t make it too far with Underwood, and she later resorted to calling him out for his subpar kissing skills.

“I just don’t think there was a lot of passion behind the kisses he was giving us,” Lotuaco told the Almost Famous podcast.

She seemed to develop more of a connection with Mike Johnson while on BIP. Unfortunately, Johnson broke up with Lotuaco while on the show. “I broke it off with Sydney. I felt a couple things,” Johnson explained to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “I felt like she didn’t find me sexually attractive [and] I felt like our connection was just not there whatsoever.”

“I think that we both were trying, and I think that Sydney is a diamond,” Johnson added.”When I say a diamond, I mean that. She is absolutely spectacular and very, very hard to crack — and that’s what I mean by diamond. I call her ‘ruby’ as well. But that diamond wasn’t for me.”

Lotuaco met her current boyfriend when he slid in her DMs

While Lotuaco didn’t have much luck on TV, she ended up meeting her current boyfriend when he slid into her DMs. According to Cincinnati.com, Nick Wehby sent Lotuaco a message back in January 2020 — and he didn’t think it’d get him very far.

As for how Wehby knew of Lotuaco, it seems he saw her on The Bachelor and had a feeling they’d be a good match. “I’d be like, ‘She’s — she’s awesome. Like, I would love to take her out if this was real life.’ But it’s The Bachelor,” he told the publication.

Once Lotuaco saw Wehby’s DMs, she responded — and the rest is history. They went from texting to group Zoom calls to FaceTiming. And Lotuaco eventually bought a ticket to Cincinnati, Ohio, to meet Wehby.

“I felt like we had already met face to face, even though we really hadn’t,” Wehby added.

She said this is her first boyfriend ever

While Wehby and Lotuaco seem to be going strong, Lotuaco explained to Unglert on his podcast that this is actually her first official boyfriend she’s ever had.

“I was really focused on my career,” Lotuaco explained in regards to why she never dated before. “Dance was a big part of my life, it still is. So I was doing that. … I was dating, just didn’t really land on a lot of gems.”

It sounds like Lotuaco thinks Wehby could be “the one,” too. “You know when they say it’s ‘meant to be,’ everything kind of falls into place and it’s easy? That’s how this relationship kind of has been,” Lotuaco added. She then stated that while their relationship was long-distance, they were making it work. “Our conversations were easy, we got along really well, and it was just working.”

“I always knew I’d be a one and done kind of person, not that we’re there or anything,” Lotuaco noted. “Hopefully, I’ll be a one and done.”

We’re wishing Lotuaco and Wehby the best as they navigate dating together in 2020!

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