A ‘Counting On’ Special is Slated for June 25th

It looks like fans of Counting On will get a chance to see Ivy Jane’s birth on television. Eagle-eyed fans of the Duggar family noticed a Counting On special slated for June 25, months after the show’s season wrapped with John-David’s wedding. The special looks like it will focus entirely on Jessa and Ben Seewald’s newest arrival. Their daughter was born on May 26. She is the first daughter for the couple. They are already parents to Spurgeon Elliot, 3 and Henry Wilberforce, 2. 

Everything we know about the Counting On special

It’s been a while since fans were treated to a birthing special. Sure, cameras followed Jinger as she labored through Felicity’s birth last year, but the episode was not solely dedicated to Felicity’s arrival. The reasoning for the is obvious; Jinger opted for a hospital birth.  The camera crew was likely restricted by hospital policy.

Jessa, however, opts for home births. Since she labors and delivers in the confines of her own home, the cameras can roll as long as Jessa gives them the okay. While TLC is pretty tight-lipped about the special, TV Guide has a brief synopsis of the episode. Apparently, the Duggar family was out of town when Jessa suddenly went into labor. Something apparently went awry, and paramedics were called. Little else is known, but fans have been concerned about Ivy Jane since her birth, could the emergency call reveal a health concern for Jessa or her first daughter?

The special is slated to premiere on June 25 at 11 pm eastern time. It will replay on June 26 at 3 am, according to Inquistr. The odd programming spot seems to indicate the episode was put together relatively quickly or was added to the programming schedule late. After all, Ivy will be just one day shy of one-month-old when the episode airs.

It’s rumored that Ivy’s birth wasn’t as easy as Jessa suggested

Jessa has been an outspoken advocate of home births, even as her sisters struggled with the concept. While Jinger opted to head directly to the hospital when she went into labor, both Jill and Joy-Anna have had failed attempts at delivering in the comfort of their own bed. Jessa had a perfectly routine delivery with Spurgeon until she began to bleed heavily. Jessa and Spurgeon were both transferred to a local hospital via ambulance.

A couple of years later, Jessa attempted a home birth with her second son, Henry. That delivery seemingly went off without a hitch. While Jessa has claimed Ivy’s birth was easy and uncomplicated, the sudden call for paramedics is leaving some fans wondering what went wrong.

Fans have raised concerns about Ivy

Jessa and Ben are clearly enamored with their new addition. In fact, the proud parents have posted a handful of snapshots to Instagram since her birth, but some fans have pointed out troubling signs in the photos. In one picture, Jill Duggar, Jessa’s sister, is seen holding a newborn Ivy, but the baby appears to be a little purple. Several fans noticed the baby’s skin and inquired about her health.

Ben and Jessa have opted not to comment on the health of their daughter publicly, so fans will need to wait until the June 25th special to get some answers.  It seems like a good enough reason as any to tune into to watch the episode.