Here’s How Much a Fairy-Tale Disney Wedding Really Costs

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Whether you adore Disney and would love to get married a Disney theme park – or you’re simply super curious about the whole experience and the price, read on.

Some people just can’t get enough of all things Disney, and plenty dream of having a Disney wedding. It’s no wonder Disney has been planning and hosting weddings since 1991. An average of 5,000 Disney-based nuptials take place per year at the Florida, California, and international theme parks, as well as at Disney’s Hawaii resort and aboard Disney cruise ships.

Just visiting Disney isn’t cheap, so you can imagine how much actually getting married there can cost. However, it is possible to keep costs down and often find a Disney wedding within your budget — some weddings can cost as little as $3,500. Just be aware that a decked-out, extravagant Disney wedding could set you back to the tune of a whopping $180,000 or more.

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Memories package

  • Minimum price: $3,500

This is the least expensive Disney wedding option in Orlando, Fla. It can be booked with up to a 24-hour notice. Included in this package is a ceremony with an onsite wedding coordinator, with up to four guests in addition to the couple. The bride can select a bouquet from five floral styles. A solo violinist will play throughout the ceremony. The couple receives three hours of limousine transportation and one hour of photo coverage, including an archival disc and one 11” x 14” print.

The happy couple chooses from among three outdoor resort hotel locations for the ceremony: Either Conch Key Marina or Sago Cay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, or Luau Beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. A two-night stay at a Disney Resort hotel is required for this package.

The Disney Weddings website refers to this option as “exclusive and exquisite,” and a “small but stirring affair perfect for the couple who wants a simple wedding.”

Photo album and floral upgrades are available, which would bring up your total wedding cost.

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Escape package

  • Minimum price: $7,000

The Escape package is a middle-of-the road option, which allows for more guests than the Memories package and includes more amenities. Up to 18 guests are included, in addition to the couple. Just like with the lower-tier package, a wedding coordinator oversees the event and a solo violinist plays. A bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere are included, as well as a two-tier wedding cake and sparkling wine. Four hours of limousine service are provided to the couple. A photographer takes photos for two hours, with an album of twenty 5″ x 7″ prints is included.

For this package, there are four possible ceremony locations: Disney’s Wedding Pavilion ($8,000), the Canada Pavilion in Epcot ($7,500), Sea Breeze Point at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort ($7,000), and the Wedding Gazebo at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort ($7,000).

Enhancements are available at extra costs, including additional floral pieces (altar arrangements start at $175), themed Disney entertainers (which cost up to $1,275 each), additional musicians (which cost up to $2,215 each), added transportation options (Cinderella’s glass coach will run you $3,200 for two hours), and further photo and video options. Magic Kingdom portrait sessions, for instance, start at $2,125.

Adding in each of the amenities listed above (which total $8,990) to a base price of $7,000 for the ceremony location would bring your Escape package up to $15,990.

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Wishes package

  • Minimum price: $12,000

The Wishes package, the most expensive option, is highly customizable and offers a flexible guest count. A Disney wedding coordinator will work with you and handle various details on your behalf. You can choose your number of guests, with the limit being the number your chosen venue can accommodate. One big difference between this option and the lower tiers is a reception with a meal is provided.

Venue options include various locations at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. Receptions range from four to five hours, and meal prices per person range from $140 to $190.

The happy couple may choose from an endless array of enhancements. Here are a few:

Roll up in a vintage Rolls Royce for about $900 or a Model A Ford for $650. Have costumed actors attend your wedding for around $2,400. Have Darth Vader appear for $1,150. Micky and Minnie will show up in outfits of your choice for $1,650. Host three of your favorite princesses at your reception for $2,150. Have Cinderella’s glass coach, drawn by six white ponies, deliver you to the Wedding Pavilion for $2,950, where you’ll be announced by two trumpeters for $1,200 and a majordomo for around $800. Transform your reception into Cinderella castle with a floor-to-ceiling façade full of flowers, topiaries, and a set of fountains for $13,000.

As you can see, depending on the number of guests and the enhancements chosen, the total can add up quickly. Going with all of the above enhancements (including the Rolls Royce option) will tack on $26,200 to your bill.

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Magic Kingdom castle outdoor ceremony

  • Minimum price: $75,000

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings offers morning ceremonies on the Magic Kingdom lawn’s East Plaza, overlooking the iconic Cinderella Castle. For this option, the couple exchanges vows during regular park hours, so the ceremony can be viewed by the thousands of people in attendance at the park. Prior to the ceremony, Cinderella’s carriage parades the bride-to-be down Main Street on her way to make her vows.

This is the only Disney wedding option which allows for a bride to wear her wedding dress inside the theme park during operating hours. The venue fee for this option is $25,000, but the minimum food and beverage expense is $15,000 and required “enhancement” expenditures run an additional $35,000. This brings the total up to $75,000, before any of the aforementioned enhancements are added on.

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Magic Kingdom Park Evening Wedding

  • Minimum price: $180,000

Getting married at night in front of Cinderella’s Castle is now a thing. In January 2017, Disney added this option, for a deluxe price. Up to 300 guests can attend the wedding, which takes place after dark once the park has closed to the public. After the ceremony ends, the newlyweds and guests can spend the rest of the time celebrating in Fantasyland.

As with all Wishes packages, this one is highly customizable. However, as you can see from the price tag, this option will likely be the most expensive of them all.

Huffington Post reported the $180,000 minimum price tag, which was confirmed by a Disney representative.

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How to save money on a Disney wedding

  • Money saved by following a few tips: $1,000s

Disney wedding expert Korri McFann shared some tips on how to plan a Disney wedding on a budget. Lower-cost food options she pointed out include providing guests with hors d’oeuvres instead of a sit-down dinner, or opting for lunch or brunch as opposed to dinner. What day of the week you choose for your wedding may also affect the price. Seasonal flowers are more affordable than out-of-season ones.

In this video McFann shares these and other money-saving tips:

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Disneyland and Disney Cruise weddings

  • Minimum price for Disneyland wedding: $6,500

Don’t want to travel to Florida for your wedding? You can also plan a Disney wedding at Disneyland in California. The California theme park offers two of the tiers: Escape, starting at $6,500 and Wishes, starting at $15,000.

This video shows a couple who chose to get married after dark at Disneyland.

Those wishing to tie the knot at a Disney Hawaii location can choose from the same two tier options: Escape prices start at $4,200, and Wishes prices start at $9,900. The preparation for a wedding at Aulani Resort & Spa is shown here:

Last but not least, you can get married as you sail aboard a Disney Cruise Line. Prices for a Disney Cruise wedding start at $3,000. Guests can choose to have the ceremony on board (on deck or indoors) or off board the ship.