A Hulk vs. Wolverine MCU Movie Probably Won’t Happen: Here’s Why

The Hulk vs. Wolverine movie rumor started a few months back, with multiple outlets confirming that such a narrative was in the MCU’s future. Mikey Sutton of Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture commented on the possible film back in August, while We Got This Covered discussed the potential for such an iconic mash-up around the same time. Back in August, Sutton posted the message below to his private Facebook group.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK | NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

SCOOP – 8/31/19: I’ve been hearing this for a while now, but the smoke is becoming a red-hot fire. Marvel Studios is discussing a Wolverine Vs. Hulk film. Notice I placed Wolverine ahead. This won’t be a Hulk movie because Universal has the rights to Hulk solo, which is why “Thor: Ragnarok” wasn’t “Planet Hulk.” According to my inside sources, they want to use the recent Immortal Hulk rendition of the character in the comic books. Who will be Wolverine? Or, depending on many years this will take, is Mark Ruffalo still the Hulk? Stay tuned.

Mikey Sutton

While all the Wolverine vs. Hulk chatter was initially just speculation — sprouting up on various forums and digital media publications — the possibility seemed more likely when news got out that Mark Ruffalo pitched the idea to Marvel. Kevin Feige asked Mark Ruffalo to come in and discuss the character — what he sees in Banner’s future, and so on. Ruffalo commented that he would like to see a Hulk vs. Wolverine mash-up. While Banner and fans alike dream of seeing such stories on the silver screen, there are a few reasons this film feels like a pipedream. Let’s dive in. 

The Wolverine problem 

Wolverine is one of the most famous X-Men, and Hugh Jackman is intimately tied to the character; thus, bringing back another Logan – with a new actor in the role— as one of the very first mutants to join the Avengers is quite risky. What if people don’t approve of the casting? 

Rumor has it that Marvel was considering a different version of Weapon X, as the studio felt it was too soon to replace Jackman. It was reported that Dafne Keen’s X-23 from Logan would play a significant role in the MCU, as opposed to replacing the OG Wolverine. Such a decision would avoid comparisons between the two actors since they wouldn’t be expected to depict the same person with the same shticks and tendencies. 

Presenting another Logan so soon after the character’s heartwrenching denoument would also undoubtedly diminish some of the significance that last film still retains. Bringing back Wolverine to fight Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is, first and foremost, fraught with a casting debacle. However, what about Hulk’s current predicament? Is his arm not permanently damaged from the snap in Endgame. Is he not on a journey to the end, soon to meet a fate similar to Tony Stark and Captain America?

Is Hulk in combat shape following ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ and is this story in line with his presumed journey? 

Avengers: Endgame left Hulk with a pretty bent up arm after snapping half the population back into existence; similar actions left Thanos permanently wounded and killed Tony Stark. Are fans supposed to believe that after dealing with such a setback, he will fully recover? The amount of power present was enough to greatly debilitate one of the strongest villains and kill an Avenger.

Hulk is also one of the only OG Avengers left. Stark and Rogers are gone. Thor is about to pass the hammer to Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, and Hawkeye is going to train his daughter to take over (most likely) in the upcoming Disney+ series. How would a Hulk vs. Wolverine mash-up fit in with the MCU’s larger plan — the narrative transition at large? Was Hulk not supposed to introduce She-Hulk into the Avengers, or as part of the A-Force, and bow out with the other OG saviors? Is he not meant to become a mentor: a wise Professor Hulk helping out behind the scenes, making way for the New Avengers?

Simply put, it seems like this movie would serve as a weak excuse to rewrite the wrong that was Professor Hulk in Endgame (since the writers did him dirty) and introduce the X-Men. If anything is true about those over at Marvel Studios, they don’t tend to go for cheap ways to get ahead…