A Look Back at All the Time Tristan Thompson Cheated

It seems as though Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian have finally called it quits. On Tuesday rumors surfaced that the pair were parting ways after two years together. While Thompson and Kardashian share a 10-month-old daughter, their relationship has been anything but smooth sailing. Thompson has been repeatedly caught cheating, but that doesn’t seem to be anything new for the 27-year-old basketball star. The power forward has been accused of having wandering eyes in the past. Let’s take a look at Thompson’s history of cheating.

Thompson steps out on his pregnant girlfriend

Tristan Thompson started dating Jordan Craig in 2014. By 2016 the pair were expecting a child together, but Thompson didn’t let his impending fatherhood stifle his trifling ways. Thompson reportedly cheated on Craig multiple times.

It is rumored that Thompson began seeing Khloe Kardashian before officially ending the relationship with Craig, too. While Kardashian wasn’t the first woman to catch Thompson’s eye, she was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Craig. Kardashian and Thompson were officially an item by September, a full two months before Craig gave birth to a son.

Thompson was is not listed on the birth certificate for Prince Thompson. He also failed to acknowledge the child’s birth on social media. Around the time that Prince was born, however, Thompson regularly posted pictures with Kardashian. Thompson has not spoken publicly about Prince, nor is it known if he has a relationship with the child.

Thompson was spotted cheating weeks after Kardashian announced her pregnancy

In 2017 Kardashian and Thompson announced they were expecting their first child, but just a week later Thompson was spotted in a hookah lounge in Washington DC getting cozy with two women. The Cleveland Cavaliers were in town to play the Washington Wizards, but Thompson was looking for action off the basketball court, too.

Thompson steps out on Kardashian days before she gives birth

Kardashian picked up and moved herself to Cleveland to be closer to Thompson, but that didn’t stop the basketball star from playing the field. In April 2018, just days before Kardashian gave birth to the couple’s first child together, reports surfaced that Thompson was once again cheating on Kardashian.

A video surfaced, once again, of Thompson hooking up with two women inside a night club. He was on the road when the video surfaced. True Thompson was born on April 16, 2018. Since then Kardashian and Thompson have been working on their relationship.


Kardashian recently defended the basketball player and their relationship on Twitter, according to Elle. The Good American co-founder alleges that Thompson grew from the mistakes he made, and they were working together to provide True a happy and healthy home.

Thompson is rumored to have hooked up with Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods, 21, Is the best friend of Kylie Jenner. Woods has appeared on multiple episodes of the family’s reality show, as well as Jenner’s spin-off Life of Kylie. Woods is rumored to be collaborating with Kylie on her makeup line and has forged her own path in the fashion industry, according to OK Magazine.

The bizarre cheating rumors surfaced on Tuesday when TMZ reported that Thompson was spotted partying in Los Angeles. Kardashian was nowhere in sight, but allegedly Woods was at the party. Thompson was seen making out with a party guest, but it has not been confirme whether that guest was Woods or another woman, according to People.

Thompson and Kardashian have remained tightlipped about the latest scandal. Thompson did, however, take to Twitter to announce “fake news,” likely in reference to the allegations that he was stepping out on Kardashian yet again. He has since deleted the tweet, according to The Daily Mail.

Neither Kardashian nor Thompson have confirmed the split, but media outlets are reporting that the pair are done for good. It’s hard to say whether Kardashian will offer Thompson yet another chance. Thompson’s track record, however, indicates he’s not one to take monogamy seriously.