A Look Back At Taylor Swift’s Biggest Feuds And Where They Stand Today

Taylor Swift is making headlines with another ongoing feud. Over the weekend, the pop star blasted Scooter Braun on social media for allegedly bullying her, sparking an intense debate on both sides. The feud with Braun is hardly Swift’s first and probably will not be her last. Some of Swift’s disputes have been settled over the years while others remain a touchy subject to this day. Here is a look back at all of Swift’s biggest feuds and where they stand today.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images For dcp

Kanye West

Swift’s feud with Kanye West started way back in 2009 when the rapper famously interrupted her acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the VMAs. West got on stage and grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift, then told the audience that Beyoncé should have taken home the award.

West apologized for his actions a few days after the fact, but never seemed to truly make amends with Swift. In a 2013 interview, West admitted that he did not regret what happened.

Fast forward to 2015 and the two seemed to have made progress in their relationship. They even enjoyed a few public appearances together and Swift later complimented West for his producing prowess. West then mentioned Swift in his album, The Life of Pablo, and rapped that they might have sex one day. He also took credit for making Swift a household name.

In response, Taylor Swift claims that West asked permission to rap about her in the song but went behind her back with some of the things he said. The two engaged in a verbal spat about the issue, which ended with West going on a few rants about her in public.

Kim Kardashian

With the Kanye West feud heating up, the fight eventually spilled over to his wife, Kim Kardashian. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star defended her husband on social media and claimed that Swift knew exactly what West was going to rap about.

As proof, Kardashian shared audio of the conversation between West and Swift, where he clearly tells her about his plans to mention her in the song. Swift claims that the recording was taken out of context and does not tell the whole story.

Kardashian also added a snake emoji in her posts. Taylor Swift embraced the insult and used a snake as her theme throughout her Reputation tour. She also incorporated a snake into the music video for her song, “Look What You Made Me Do.” To this day, Swift is still at odds with both West and Kardashian.

Nicki Minaj

Minaj was very vocal about the lack of diversity in the award industry when she failed to get nominated for Video of the Year in 2015. Swift, who was nominated in the category, clapped back and accused Minaj of trying to create division amongst female artists. Minaj responded on social media by telling Swift she has nothing against her or her music. The two later reconciled and Swift apologized on social media for misunderstanding Minaj’s point about music videos.

Katy Perry

Swift’s feud with Perry started in 2014 over backup dancers. Swift claimed that Perry tried to steal some of her dancers and the two experienced a falling out. Perry made amends in the spring of 2018, however, and admitted that she would love to work with Taylor Swift on a music project. Perry later appeared in Swift’s 2019 video, “You Need to Calm Down,” signaling the end of the feud.

Scooter Braun

Swift’s latest feud to hit the public airways is her current dispute with Braun. Last weekend, Swift blasted the talent manager on social media and accused him of bullying and manipulating her. Braun’s company recently acquired the record label, Big Machine, which owns the rights to many of Swift’s most popular songs.

Many artists in the industry have since voiced their support for Taylor Swift, though a few others have spoken out against her. This includes Braun’s wife, Yale, and Justin Bieber. For his part, Braun has yet to address the allegations.