‘A Million Little Things’ Creator DJ Nash Teased a Heartbreaking Loss and Fans Are Freaking Out

By now, fans know A Million Little Things covers a plethora of difficult topics. The first season of the ABC drama followed the mysteries surrounding death by suicide of Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston) and how the loss affected his group of friends. Now, series creator, DJ Nash, hinted at another devastating loss in season 2. Here’s why fans aren’t having it.

Nash teased another death ahead of ‘A Million Little Things’ season 2

'A Million Little Things'
‘A MillionLittle Things’ | Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images

It isn’t a secret that Nash has it in for fans’ emotions. After all, tragedy and heartbreak are the basis for A Million Little Things. Whether you’re crying over Gary (James Roday) and Maggie’s (Allison Miller) cancer and remissions journeys, or how the kids have reacted to the birth of baby Charlie after their dad’s passing, Nash knows what he’s doing.

In August, he told TV Line there would definitely be another death in season 2.

“Issues we have been dealing with, like depression, suicide, and all the things that happen in life, will continue to affect this group,” Nash said. “There is a death that happens this season, and we will see how the group rallies to support each other.”

Christina Moses (who plays Regina) added her thoughts on the death to come saying, “It’s gonna have an effect.” Um.

A preview for the Nov. 14 episode reveals Gary saying, “I can’t believe I’m going to another funeral.”

All of the funeral elements are there: everyone in black, an outside service. However, Nash is a fan of the misdirect, much like This Is Us creator, Dan Fogelman.

Some fans have taken to Reddit to form their own theories about who’s leaving for good this season. We want to warn you — some guesses will break your heart.

DJ Nash added fuel to the rumor mill

OK, let’s dive right into it. Katherin (Grace Park) and Eddie’s (David Giontoli) son, Theo, has the occasional nosebleed. It could be nothing. It could be something.

Nash’s Nov. 13 Tweet hinted at Theo being the focus of the funeral episode, leaving fans to jump down the rabbit hole to figure it out.

Some think there could be a family history related to Charlie and Eddie that may help little Theo. Others believe he may need a transplant (in which news of Charlie’s relation to Eddie comes out to the children).

Nash hasn’t given up any spoilers but has issued plenty of fodder for fans to tear apart.

One fan on Reddit theorized that regardless of what may ail little Theo, his secret half-sister, Charlie might be the answer to help save him. One fan Tweeted disbelief, “Don’t you dare to make Theo sick don’t you dare! Theo defender here. Don’t you dare. I said don’t you dare.”

Still, Nash says, “don’t trust the trailer.” Does this mean it’s all a misdirect? Perhaps death is someone outside of the core circle (just please don’t mess with Gary’s dog, Colin).

As one Tweeter pointed out, it might be one of the kids — but not Theo.

“I’ve been worried about Delilah’s son ever since he and his sister went for that ‘just got my license’ drive.”

Others weighed in saying it could be PJ or PJ’s dad. The possibilities are endless.

Nash trolls fans to avoid spoilers

Since Nash is so good at using the misdirect to his advantage, he’s making it hard for fans to figure out what is what.

“I sometimes use clips that aren’t in the show in a promo,” Nash Tweeted. “Just to keep you guessing.”

To shove salt further into the super sleuth wound, Nash is one step ahead of everyone.

The series creator may be a pro at keeping viewers guessing, but he assures the episode is worth watching. In his most recent Tweet, he said: “the group loses someone dear to them.”

Do you have anxiety yet? We do. that must mean to tune into to see whose theories come to fruition.