‘A Million Little Things’: Fan Theories Regarding Who Will Die in Season 2

On the first season of A Milion Little Things, we watched the tragic death of Jonathan Dixon (Ron Livingston) and how his friends coped with one of their best friend’s taking his own life. 

Showrunner, DJ Nash recently teased that the gang will have to bond together once again after the death of someone else this season. Fans are making many speculations as to who this mystery character could be and who they are sure it is not. Read on to find out how fans are interpreting Nash’s season 2 teaser.

Fans of ‘A Million Little Things’ believe they cannot kill off one of the main characters

In an interview with Deadline, the creator of A Million Little Things said, “There is a death that happens this season, and we will see how the group rallies to support each other.”

Since Nash indicated the group will lean on each other to get through this next death, fans surmise that it will not be one of the main characters. 

One fan commented on a TV Line article discussing spoilers that, “They all play so well off each other, I think the show would have a big hole if one of them left.”

Fans agree that it cannot be Maggie (Allison Miller) because the entire first season devoted her storyline to her struggle to either accept that cancer was going to take her life or fight to the bitter end to beat it. She ended up going into remission following surgery and making a commitment to Gary (James Roday) to move in together. 

Fans hypothesize that Nash could be referring to a more minor character dying this season

Several fans commented scenarios like this one, “My money is on it being a minor but noteworthy character, like Rome’s dad. Or maybe Regina’s overbearing mom will die unexpectedly after they have a big fight, leaving them no opportunity to reconcile. I don’t see it being any of the ‘core’ cast.”

Last season we found out that just like Rome (Romany Malco), his father also suffered from depression, but it was not treated, so it would make sense with the storyline that he could take his own life.

We also watched many quarrels between Regina (Christina Moses) and her mother; so the possibility of something happening to her following a fight would leave the gang to bond together to support Regina’s guilt over the lack of reconciliation.

Although many fans suggest it could be Regina’s mother or Rome’s father, Nash indicated that it would affect the entire group, and viewers argue those two do not truly have ties to each main character.

Another theory is that Jon’s secretary, Ashley (Christina Ochoa) will be the one to die. Last season, we saw her grapple with a file folder containing documents that she was afraid to give to Delilah. She also was the last person to see Jon alive, so it could be surmised that she just could not handle the guilt of not being able to stop him from taking his own life. 

The showrunner has indicated that “Issues we have been dealing with, like depression, suicide, and all the things that happen in life, will continue to affect this group.”

A Million Little Things Cast
Allison Miller, Stephanie Szostak, James Roday, and Christina Moses| Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly & PEOPLE

With the indication that similar problems will be addressed this season, we could see how fans’ theories about Ashley could be correct. She was last seen on a plane heading to Spain and is not listed as a cast member for season 2, so it could easily be her who dies.

There really are so many possibilities about who the creator is referring to. One thing we know for sure is that we cannot wait for the season premiere of A Million Little Things on ABC September 26, 2019.