‘A Million Little Things’ Showrunner Reveals the Cast Thinks the Show Should Run for This Many Seasons

A Million Little Things is in the middle of its second season on ABC, yet the show’s creator, D.J. Nash, is already dishing on the show’s ending. In a recent interview, Nash revealed that he already knows how the series is going to end and that he came up with the perfect conclusion after writing the pilot. While Nash has plotted out an ending, when does the cast of A Million Little Things think the series should call it quits?

A Million Little Things cast
The cast of ‘A Million Little Things’ | Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Nash opens up about ‘A Million Little Things’ finale

In an interview earlier this month, Nash explained how he mapped out the entire series as soon as he had finished writing the pilot episode. The showrunner clarified that the ending could change if the story goes a different route, but he definitely has a clear plan for the future.

“When it comes to the series, I know what I want the finale to be, and there is even some things that we’ve planted that our actors don’t know that will set up that finale very, very well,” Nash shared.

According to Good Housekeeping, Nash went on to reveal that the cast of the show also has a good idea about when the series will wrap. Although nothing is written in stone, most of them feel like the story will come to a natural conclusion by the end of the fifth season.

“I think [the cast] all kind of feel like this is a five-season show,” he stated.

Nash then pointed out that ABC has yet to order a third season, so everything depends on whether or not they get picked up.

In the likely event that ABC continues the show for another run, Nash knows exactly what will happen in season 3. Some of the details have not been ironed out, but the major storylines have already been decided.

If the cast of A Million Little Things is right, then fans are looking at a series finale by 2023. A lot could happen, however, over the course of the next few years, so we’ll have to wait and see how things eventually pan out.

Inside the season 2 premiere of ‘A Million Little Things’

In the season 2 opener, fans watched as Katherine (Grace Park) dealt with the revelation that Eddie (David Giuntoli) is the father of Delilah’s (Stephanie Szostak) new baby.

After telling Eddie to be with Delilah for the birth of their child, Katherine packed her bags and had Eddie watch their son while she left town.

Katherine did not come home by the end of the premiere of A Million Little Things, and Nash explained the reasoning behind his decision to keep the character away from her family.

Nash revealed that he wanted to keep Katherine’s story as authentic as possible, especially after everything she and Eddie went through last season.

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But even though Katherine dealt with her husband’s infidelity in the most mature way possible, hearing that he had a child with another woman completely broke her. Nash also admitted that he knew some fans would like to see Katherine and Eddie reconciled while others want her to move on.

As far as Park is concerned, she believes Nash and the A Million Little Things writers completely nailed it and having Katherine stay away made Eddie realize that he hurt her deeper than ever before. It also makes Eddie pay the price for everything that happened last season – even if it’s not a popular move with fans.

Jason Ritter dishes on his guest appearance

Moving into season 2, fans were thrilled to see Jason Ritter guest star as a stranger named Eric who has a mysterious tie to Patricia (Melora Hardin) and Maggie (Allison Miller).

In an interview, Ritter revealed that Eric is in a very complicated setup and is doing his best to navigate a tricky situation. The actor refused to give away any important details, but he did reveal he will appear in a handful of installments.

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As fans are now well aware, Ritter’s Eric was given Maggie’s brother’s heart when he died. This was news to Maggie, that Patricia had kept secret even as she grew closer to Eric while Maggie was fighting breast cancer.

Maggie is also growing closer to Eric, which is complicating things in her current relationship with Gary (James Roday).

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