A New Pre-Destiny’s Child Album With Unheard Music is Coming From Mathew Knowles

Murmurs of a Destiny’s Child reunion have kept hope alive for fans who wish to see Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams hit the stage once again. That is the trio as most people know, but if you know the history of the group, then you’re aware there have been multiple members since its formation. It goes all the way back to when the small collective of young singers was called Girl’s Tyme.

Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father and prime historian on Destiny’s Child, is promoting a music project connected to the girl group, it’s unlike what you’d expect.

Destiny's Child
Destiny’s Child | Getty Images/Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Knowles shares ‘new’ music is coming

In a short post on Instagram, Knowles revealed that he’ll be releasing a new Girl’s Tyme album via his Music World Entertainment company. The project will feature previously unreleased tracks from the teenage girl group that was the springboard for Beyoncé’s singing career.

A caption on the post said the music would be hitting all streaming platforms soon, and it has a short message reading that the album is due to drop December 2019. In the video, you see a young Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett, and LaTavia Roberson.

While the music is being highlighted as the big news, there was also a mention of a Destiny’s Child “untold story” in development. It looks like Knowles is also working on a film/documentary project that will provide a behind the scenes look at the group.

The history of Girl’s Tyme

Before they were famous, the members of Girl’s Tyme used to sing and perform around Houston, Texas as a sextet of singers and rappers. It was the early ‘90s when Beyoncé, Rowland, Roberson, and members Tamar Davis, Nina Taylor, and Nikki Taylor began recording their earliest songs and eventually made it to Star Search.

Although they lost the competition show, they kept working and Mathew Knowles assumed the manager’s position, whittling the group down to four: Beyoncé, Rowland, Roberson, and Luckett. They continued to sing, train, and perform together under the guidance of Knowles and after a few name changes, became Destiny’s Child.

In that window of time, the young ladies were able to open for big R&B acts and continued to record. It wouldn’t be surprising if Knowles has been sitting on a vault of ‘90s songs from Girl’s Tyme.

Knowles didn’t elaborate on the Destiny’s Child story but…

It’s ok that he didn’t share any further details on the untold Destiny’s Child project, because fans could probably guess that it will cover the group’s humble beginnings and rise. As you might already know, Knowles quit his day job to become a music manager full time for Girl’s Tyme/Destiny’s Child and was responsible for lineup changes and day-to-day business for the group.

Should an “untold” feature arrive from Knowles, we’re sure it will feature songs from Girl’s Tyme and all the other incarnations of the group throughout the years. Perhaps that will include additional unreleased music for all you Destiny’s Child fans out there. We’ll know more around Christmas.