A New ‘Party of Five’ Character Will Help Lucia Fight For Her Parents

Freeform’s Party of Five reboot brings modern-day political issues to the forefront of its stories. The U.S. deports the Acostas parents to Mexico so the siblings remain in the States to hold the family together. The immigration twist on the original series highlights the drama facing immigrant families, and what people can do to help.

Party of Five's Emily Tosta
Emily Tosta | Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

In the show’s second episode, Lucia Acosta (Emily Tosta) finds out her school teacher isn’t exactly supportive of her parents. The teacher feels her parents were rightfully deported because they were undocumented. Lucia will get involved in social activism this season in part because of attitudes like her teacher’s. Tosta and co-creator Amy Lippman spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about where Lucia’s story is going and new episodes of Party of Five air Wednesdays on Freeform.

‘Party of Five’ episode 2 is only the beginning of Lucia’s activism

The teacher criticizing Lucia’s parents was only one factor that inspires Lucia. The episode, titled “Margin of Error,” speaks to the injustice Lucia feels she sees.

“Just like that episode is titled ‘Margin of Error,’ she kind of realizes that there really wasn’t a margin of error for them,” Tosta said. “It was like there was no room for them to mess up. So she figured from there that there are a lot of people that have a lot of things against her family and against her culture and she realized that that’s not right. That’s very wrong so she wants to do something about it.”

‘Party of Five’ will present both sides of the immigration debate

Immigration is a complicated issue and one that a TV show probably won’t solve. Party of Five will see it through Lucia’s eyes, and that includes the hurdles she’ll face too.

Acosta Family in Party of Five
The Acosta family in Freeform’s Party of Five | Freeform/Vu Ong

“I think it’s represented in the show that the family’s point of view is not necessarily the point of view of everyone or even a country as a whole,” Lippman said. “Throughout the episodes [we] deal with what it feels like to have people project certain things onto their family and their family situation that their parents were deported.”

Lucia will meet a mentor in social activism

Emily Tosta teased a new character Lucia will meet in an upcoming episode who becomes her mentor and ally in social activism.

Party of Five: Niko Guardado and Emily Tosta
Niko Guardado and Emily Tosta | | Freeform/Gilles Mingasson

“She meets this character named Sully who kind of shows her this whole new world of social activism and fighting for justice,” Tosta said. “It’s awesome because that opens her eyes and she finally finds a way to help others since she wasn’t able to help her parents. She comes on later in the season. She’s awesome.”

Lucia Tosta is the primary social activist in the ‘Party of Five’

Sully will be Lucia’s main ally in social activism because her siblings will be busy with their own storylines.

“I think they’re very supportive of it,” Tosta said. “I think that she probably kind of was the main one that is doing it and has a passion for it, a very firm passion for it but I think her siblings are always very supportive of it.”