‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Director John Krasinksi Says Sequel Is ‘More Personal Than the First One’ — Here’s Why

A Quiet Place fans waited a whole extra year to see the horror movie sequel. Director John Krasinski decided to postpone the release in March 2020 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and many more movies followed. A Quiet Place Part II finally opened in May 2021 to boffo box office.

A Quiet Place Part II: Millicent Simmonds adn Cillian Murphy find a dock
Millicent Simmonds and Cillian Murphy | Paramount Pictures

Now A Quiet Place Part II is available on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD. In the bonus features, Krasinski speaks even more about how the sequel deepens the world of the movie. Here’s why Krasinski calls the sequel even more personal than the first. 

‘A Quiet Place Part II’ demanded John Krasinski make it

When Krasinski directed A Quiet Place, he assumed it was a standalone movie. It wasn’t even the massive success of the film that convinced him to write a sequel himself

A Quiet Place Part II Blu-ray
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“I had no intention of doing a second movie because the first movie was never supposed to be a franchise,” Krasinski says from the set in Akron, Ohio. “Then it kept stewing in my brain. I wanted to tell a whole new story. The only idea I had in my head was to make Millie the lead character. Millie’s character decides to go off on her own to try to save the rest of the world.”

‘A Quiet Place Part II’ is even more personal to John Krasinski

Krasinski and A Quiet Place star Emily Blunt are married. They have two daughters, Hazel and Violet. Thinking about their daughters gave Krasinski the idea for A Quiet Place Part II.

A Quiet Place Part II: Millicent Simmonds
Millicent Simmonds | Paramount Pictures

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It became as personal, the second one, if not more personal than the first one. The first one is about the intimacy and the promise you make to your kids that we will always protect you. The second one is when that promise is inevitably broken. Those kids have to go out into the world on their own. Whenever that moment is that you let go of your kids and they have to fend for themselves, that’s what this movie’s all about. So it becomes a metaphor for her about what growing up really means. What growing up really means is getting hurt, getting scared and learning how to deal with it yourself because nobody’s there to protect you. 

John Krasinski, A Quiet Place Part II bonus features

John Krasinski also made a patriotic statement with the sequel

In A Quiet Place Part II, Evelyn (Blunt) and her kids Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe) find Emmett (Cillian Murphy) living in an abandoned steel mill. It’s a strategic hiding place from the monsters who are attracted to sound, but Krasinski said it had another message.

John Krasinski directs Noah Jupe in the steel mill
L-R: Noah Jupe and John Krasinski | Paramount Pictures

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The beauty of a location like this and the idea of this once great thriving steel mill is getting back to that bigger metaphor that I had which is the America, this idea of our country and what we come from and the industrial age and how impressive all that was. How that’s all fading away and that’s what this family is going through. They’re living in a modern world and being reminded all around them of the magnitude of where our country once was. Even though we’re going into bigger realms, the intimacy of what’s at stake and what the core values of this family are and what the mission is, which is to stay safe and try to get others to stay safe, that intimacy is what prevents this from just feeling like a runaway train action film.”

John Krasinski, A Quiet Place Part II bonus features