Aaron Carter Just Made Pet Adoption Weird

Pet adoption is a beautiful thing. Not only does the adopter get the love and companionship of a great dog or cat, but the adopted animal finally gets to live the life they deserve. It seems like a win-win situation, but then Aaron Carter went and made the whole thing weird. The recording artist created controversy when he took to Instagram Live to introduce his newest pet to his fans. He also spent some time in the video offering the dog up for sale.

Aaron Carter is facing backlash for an Instagram live video

Carter took to Instagram Live to offer up his newest pet for adoption. The problem, however, stems from the fact that the alleged “list” price on the dog is $3,500, according to TMZ. Sure, English Bulldogs generally do garner that amount of cash when bought from a breeder, but Carter isn’t a breeder, and the dog came to him from an adoption center.

Fans were outraged that Carter appears to be “flipping” pets for a profit. As soon as the backlash started, He took to defending himself on every social media platform possible. Carter seemingly admits that the video was real, but he insists that the “list price” was a joke. It does look like he did intend to rehome the pooch that he had just picked up.

Aaron Carter attempted to plead his innocence by suggesting he makes plenty of money

When people started to point out that Carter was trying to profit from a pet adoption, he took to Twitter to tell his side of the story. Aside from insisting that he loves dogs and is merely trying to help, he informed his fans that he would never need to sell a dog for profit because he has plenty of money.

According to his tweet, Carter claims to make over $3 million each year. Fans are a bit skeptical about that number. The “Fool’s Gold” singer filed for bankruptcy back in 2016. According to The Huffington Post, Carter’s parent neglected to deposit the correct amount of money into his account under the Coogan Law. When he turned 18, he found himself with a massive tax debt on his hands and a bank account that contained just $2 million of his $20 million fortune. He went on to sue his parents.

Let’s give Carter the benefit of the doubt for a second. Let’s say he wasn’t really trying to sell the dog for $3,500. Even if the whole thing was a joke, he is still likely in the wrong, legally speaking.  Adoption centers generally don’t allow dogs to be privately rehomed.

The adoption center is looking into the situation

Carter might be denying that he was trying to sell the bulldog, but the adoption center is looking into the situation right now. In most cases, the adopted dog comes with a contract that the adopter needs to sign to take the pet home. Such agreements generally state that a dog must be returned to the adoption center if the original adopter can no longer care for the pet.

Ellen DeGeneres found herself in hot water in 2017 after she rehomed a pet that she adopted from a pet center in the greater Los Angeles area.  According to The Independent, DeGeneres took two dogs who did not get along with her cats. She and her wife, Portia de Rossi returned one, but decide to hand the other over to a family friend. When the adoption agency caught wind of the rehoming, they removed the dog.

The agency noted that the contract DeGeneres signed strictly prohibited the talk show host from rehoming the dog without the agency’s consent. The scandal ended with the owner of the adoption center receiving death threats. The dog in question, Iggy, was rehomed to a different family through the agency.