Aaron Carter’s Girlfriend Gets Arrested

Fans of Aaron Carter have a lot of questions since they haven’t seen many posts involving Carter with his girlfriend lately. He also changed the name of his OnlyFans page, making some believe there is trouble in paradise. It turns out Melanie Martin got arrested and Carter says they are done. Read on to learn more about what happened.

Melanie Martin was arrested for alleged domestic violence

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

TMZ reports that Martin was arrested on Sunday, March 29 at Carter’s home in Los Angeles. The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department was called to the scene around 11 p.m. There was a verbal altercation and it graduated to physical.

Police told the outlet that Carter had marks on his body and allegedly determined that Martin was the aggressor in the situation. She was arrested on felony domestic violence charges.

Carter says Martin scratched him and he shared some images with TMZ as his proof. Cops did confirm to the outlet that Carter had marks on him when they arrived at the scene.

Martin was recently released

Martin was being held on a $50,000 bail on a felony charge. She has since posted bail and has been released. Many fans are wondering what she will do next and where things go from here. According to Carter, they’ve broken up and he’s been sharing information on Twitter for all the world to see.

Carter decided to share the TMZ story with his fans on Twitter and he added a message on the post: “So sad, ;( I hope she gets the help she needs. No one deserves domestic abuse female OR MALE #DomesticAbuse #Cheater she literally chocked me out…. I’m devastated.”

Carter revealed on Twitter that they have broken up and he went into even more detail about the situation.

Aaron Carter has changed his Instagram and OnlyFans page

Since the incident, Carter has changed both his Instagram and OnlyFans page. His Instagram no longer sports Martin’s name or tag. He also took down all the images of Martin from the page. It also shows that he’s “single.” His OnlyFans account has also been changed to just “Aaron Carter” when it used to have the name “Aaron and Melanie.”

Carter posted an image of himself with the hashtag ‘single’

Carter has been changing up his social media since the breakup. He recently posted an image of himself in the mirror with his ex’s name front and center on his face. Carter actually had “Melanie” tattooed on his face above his eye. He appears to be smoking in the photo as well.

“A bachelor’s life is no life for a single man. #Single,” Carter captioned the post.

Numerous fans commented and had fun with the situation. “Or a man with a chicks name tattooed on his face,” said one Instagram user.

Others think it’s time to remove the name from his face. “Too bad you are single, now you need to remove the tattoo,” said another.

“What I thought she was the one?” another fan asked.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin have broken up and things are definitely a little messy right now.