Aaron Rodgers Responds To Those Who’ve Been Mocking His Beer-Chugging Skills

We all know Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has some incredible skills on the football field but something he’s not great at is beer chugging.

Last month, while attending a Milwaukee Bucks playoff game, Rodgers was challenged to go against his teammate David Bakhtiari for a good old chugging contest. The offensive linemen downed two beers in seconds, but that wasn’t the case for Rodgers. Not only did the signal caller lose but he couldn’t even get down one whole beer and shook his head after consuming as much as he could.

Since then, the jokes and trolling about his chugging skills, or lack thereof, haven’t stopped. And now the quarterback is responding to those who mocked him with quite a dig.

Fellow NFL quarterbacks have been trashing him

Other NFL quarterbacks were quick to share their beer-slamming skills and show that they, unlike Rodgers, have no problems with throwing one back.

Fellow NFC North quarterback, Matthew Stafford was one of the first to show off his chugging talents. The Detroit Lions star did so immediately after Rodgers failed as he was watching that Bucks game.

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky also joined in on the fun and slammed one back alongside Bears guard Kyle Long.

Buffalo Bills signal caller Josh Allen was also seen downing a cold one with ease at a charity softball tournament.

So what does the Packers star think of all this?

Rodgers has great response for those mocking him

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers | Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

During the Packers minicamp, Rodgers was asked about his beer-chugging debacle and what he thought of his NFL counterparts being able down their beers.

“As far as those other guys, for some of them, there’s finally a talent where they can say they’re better than me at,” he replied.

Rodgers also said he thinks he can take anyone when it comes to Scotch. The athlete then got serious for a minute and talked about how as NFL players they need to mindful of the example they are setting for children.

“A lot of kids [are] watching. If we’re gonna start highlighting and glorifying binge-drinking we need to be very careful about that slippery slope,” he said.

Bucks games proved something else

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers
Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images For Nickelodeon

Besides showing that Rodgers isn’t the best at chugging, his and Danica Patrick’s appearances at the Bucks playoff games proved something else.

A few weeks prior to her beau’s beer-chugging challenge, Patrick caused a stir on social media with fans thinking she was pregnant with Rodgers’ baby.

The former racecar driver commented on Instagram that she got parenting advice from her sister. After the speculation started, Patrick clarified her comments and insisted that she and the quarterback were not expecting. But for anyone who still doubted her, she made it even more clear when she was spotted drinking beer at the Bucks games.

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