According to Some Fans, Peter Weber Is Being Added to the List of Least-Favorite Bachelors

So far, Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has been… dramatic. First, there was a lot of focus on whether one of the contestants (Alayah Benavidez) was being “fake.” Then, during the first episode this week, some of the contestants (mostly Tammy Ly) accused another contestant (Kelsey Weier) of having a drinking problem.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan
Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

To add fuel to the fire, Weber gave a rose to Kelsey when she went to go visit him in his private quarters, and then canceled the following cocktail party. During the rose ceremony, two women (Tammy and Mykenna Dorn) actually pulled Weber aside to speak with him – as if they were at a cocktail party. The other contestants weren’t happy, with the women or with Weber.

It’s been a few times now that Weber’s actions have frustrated the women. Contestants weren’t pleased when he let Alayah rejoin the house, and they certainly weren’t pleased when he canceled a group date to figure out his feelings for former bachelorette Hannah Brown.

Fans are not loving Peter Weber as the bachelor so far

Along with the frustrated women of the house, Bachelor Nation isn’t loving the pilot’s indecisiveness either.

In a tweet by a Bachelor fan account, Weber’s been added to the list of “NOT MY BACHELORs.”


S11 & 15: Brad Womack

S18: Juan Pablo

S20: Nick Viall

S21: Arie Luyendyk Jr

S22: Colton Underwood

S23: Peter Weber

ABC is racist and Bachelor franchise needs more diversity,” they tweeted.

BachelorNationUnite, the fan account, isn’t alone in their feelings about Weber. Plenty of fans are fed up with the pilot.

“Peter Weber is the worst Bachelor in this history of bachelors,” tweeted one fan of the show.

“Peter Weber is the worst Bachelor ever! He’s saying “trust the process”, but then cancels a rose ceremony or gives a rose in the middle of the episode. He doesn’t follow the process and that is why he’s confused. That is NOT how the process works!,” wrote another.

“Peter is hands down the one of the worst male leads ever. Kelley was right. He really does only reward bad behavior and drama,” tweeted another.

“How did Peter go from a straight up man making love in a windmill to letting a bunch of 20 year old instagram influencers bully him,” wrote another.

It seems fans are frustrated with Weber for “rewarding drama,” for letting some of the women “bully” him into thinking certain things, and for being so indecisive.

No one at Showbiz Cheat Sheet has ever been the bachelor before, but we imagine it’s an incredibly stressful gig. While we don’t love “rewarding drama,” we think it’s fair for the pilot to be a little indecisive here and there. While it’s a TV show and form of entertainment for us, Weber is attempting to decide who he wants to spend his life with. So some indecisiveness seems natural.

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