Actor and TikTok Star Nathan Davis Jr. Is Suing United Airlines After He Says He was Discriminated Against

Nathan Davis Jr. is one of the biggest stars on TikTok. Known as an actor outside of the platform, he is making headlines for an incident that took place on a flight. Davis claims that he was racially profiled by United Airlines and is suing them.

Nathan Davis Jr.
Nathan Davis Jr. | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Who is Nathan Davis Jr.?

Davis is an actor most known for his role in Kathryn Bigelow’s 2017 film, Detroit. In the film, he portrayed the Aubrey Pollard, Jr., one of the victims.

Outside of the film, Davis has had a very active film and television career. One of his earliest roles was in Glee back in 2013. He also appeared in the Nickelodeon series Chase Champions, the TV One Christmas films Miss Me This Christmas and You Can’t Fight Christmas. Most recently, he’s had roles in HBO’s Here and Now, BET’s In Contempt and Hulu’s Marvel’s Runaways.

He has parlayed all of this into success on Tik Tok, where he is one of the social media platform’s most popular creators. He currently has nearly 9 million followers and his posts have been liked over 200 million times.

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Here’s everything we know about the lawsuit

It was announced recently that Davis was suing United Airlines after he says he was racially profiled while on a flight. He is suing $10 million for racial discrimination.

Variety reported that he filed a lawsuit which states in part that he was “kicked off an airplane in December after a flight attendant told him he was playing music too loudly and falsely accused him of possessing a gun, an incident Davis claims was racially motivated.”

Davis says he was “extremely fearful.”

According to the lawsuit, Davis claims that the captain tried to take his phone away from him when he was recording the incident. “I was extremely fearful,” Davis told Variety. “I honestly felt like there was nobody there that had my back. I was the only Black man on the plane. I just honestly felt like my life didn’t matter — I literally felt like this lady was going to take away my life, just by saying that I had a gun.”

He continued, “The whole time I’m sitting there, thinking that there’s about to be all these cops that are about to point their guns at me, or they’re gonna see my phone and think it’s a gun and kill me.” Davis said this, referencing when someone said “he has a gun now” over the loudspeaker, which is heard in the footage.

“I’m thinking there could have been an Air Marshal on the plane that could have attacked me,” he added “I just felt so alone. I’m just thinking to myself, ‘I’m gonna die. Nobody’s gonna know my story; all they’re going to know is there’s a Black kid in the hoodie and some sweats that just got gunned down by these cops because a flight attendant said he had a gun. I shouldn’t have to wear a suit and tie everywhere I have to go. I should be able to wear what I want to wear. I shouldn’t have to explain to people that my hoodie wasn’t on. Why do I have to say that?”

What does United Airlines say?

Per Variety, the lawsuit was filed against United Airlines, ExpressJet Airlines (operating United Express, on behalf of United Airlines), and ManaAir.

ExpressJet Airlines told Variety in a statement, “While we cannot comment on active litigation, ExpressJet does not tolerate racism and we are investigating this incident to better understand what occurred onboard our aircraft in December.”