10 Actors Who Have Weird Fears and Phobias

Celebrities might seem glamorous and amazing far away. However, if you dig deeper you find out some things that will bring them down to earth. That includes the weird jobs they had before they made it to the big-screen. Then there are the weird things that celebrities lose sleep over and get nightmares from. These fears and phobias have even gotten in the way of them doing their jobs on set! So what are they scared of? Here are 10 actors who have weird fears and phobias.

1. Scarlett Johansson is scared of birds

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Don’t expect the blonde to be in a remake of The Birds any time soon. Apparently she is very scared of birds and it’s not just one kind. She’s not a fan of any of them!

I’m only scared of birds. Something about wings and beaks and the flapping. I’m terrified of them,” she told NY Mag. “That still hasn’t gone away. If they’d asked me to put a bird on my shoulder I would’ve done it, but it would’ve been hard.”

You might remember that the actress acted in a movie called We Bought a Zoo. That’s when she had to confront her fear on set because there were peacocks. “I was terrified of them. Like, ‘Ahh, don’t get too close.’ They’re like, mean.”

That’s also not the only thing with wings that gives her the creeps. But her other phobia is much more common. “Cockroaches. I cannot stand cockroaches. That’s one thing I absolutely couldn’t do. But that’s not really an animal, is it? It’s an insect … Actually, my uncle is terrified of birds, as well, so it runs in the family.”

2. Robert Pattinson is scared of horses

Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants Fox 2000 Pictures
Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants | Fox 2000 Pictures

The Twilight star played a fast and sparkling vampire on-screen, but in real life he is just a normal human with a very interesting phobia. He is scared of horses, which is actually a problem for an actor since many movies involve riding real horses. Pattinson has already had to face this fear for his work on Water for Elephants.

I had to get knocked down by a horse, that was terrifying.” he told USA Today. “It was just one split second but [it was] a fully grown stallion — I’m kind of relatively scared of horses as well.” But the actor did look on the bright side since it could have been worse. “I’m just glad I didn’t have to ride any of them,” he said. “I’m not particularly good at horse riding.”

3. Oprah Winfrey is scared of gum and balloons

oprah winfrey
Oprah Winfrey | Mike Windle/Getty Images

You would think that the woman who has it all wouldn’t be scared of anything. But the mogul and actress has two very unique fears that have popped up in her personal and professional life. If you ever throw a party for Oprah you would be better off ditching the balloons.

I don’t like balloons, and for my 40th birthday my entire staff decided to surprise me,” she revealed in O, The Oprah Magazine. “I come downstairs and the entire audience is filled with balloons. Literally, I’m stepping over balloons, having to walk through balloons and I’m so, like, ‘Oh! When is one going to pop?'” She then continued, “It reminds me of gunfire, really freaks me out.”

She has similar feelings toward chewing gum. However part of her distaste for it comes with disgust for the habit. “My grandmother used to save it in little rows in the cabinet,” she said according to Contact Music. “I’d be scared to touch it because it was so gross, so I have a thing about gum.”

4. Nicole Kidman is scared of butterflies

Nicole Kidman attends an event of Swisse
Nicole Kidman | Hu Chengwei/Getty Images

Butterflies are one of the few insects that are actually viewed as beautiful and not something that should be killed on sight. But not everyone feels that way. The actress is actually really scared of the colorful insects, and has tried to work on her fear over the years according to Contact Music.

Sometimes when I would come home from school the biggest butterfly or moth you’d ever seen would be just sitting on our front gate. I would climb over the fence, crawl around to the side of the house — anything to avoid having to go through the front gate. I have tried to get over it [the phobia]. I walked into the big butterfly cage at the American Museum of Natural History and had the butterflies on me, but that didn’t work. I jump out of planes, I could be covered in cockroaches, I do all sorts of things, but I just don’t like the feel of butterflies’ bodies.

5. Kyra Sedgwick is scared of talking food

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon
Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

You don’t really think about it often, but we see talking food everywhere. We see them in our movies like VeggieTales and Sausage Party. We also see them in family-friendly commercials. But this type of thing can really freak out people, like it does for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress.

Her husband, Kevin Bacon was up for becoming the voice for an M&M commercial but he had to turn it down for her. “I thought about it,” he said on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, “and I said I can’t do that to my wife, because my marriage is more important. I really think she would’ve left me.” Bacon sounds like one smart husband!

6. Helen Mirren is scared of talking on the phone

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren | Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images

Today most people have the same fear, but that’s because we’re all so used to texting. We have a feeling that Mirren has a fear of picking up the phone for a very different reason. Thankfully, the Oscar winner probably has assistants to pick it up for her.

I never, ever return calls,” she said according to Contact Music. “I’m definitely very frightened of the phone. It makes me so nervous. I always avoid picking it up if I can. To me, the invention of the answering machine was amazing. But then, I never return the calls anyway, so it wasn’t much use.”

7. Billy Bob Thornton is scared of antiques

Bad Santa
Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa | Miramax

There are many who go out seeking or collecting antiques. But it’s undeniable that some antiques can be pretty creepy and remind you of items on a horror movie set. That doesn’t mean that this phobia is by any means common. The actor admitted that he likes to steer clear of antiques. He told The New York Times that it isn’t just any ol’ antique that sends shivers down his spine.

My phobias have been greatly exaggerated,” he said. “I don’t mind a chair. I can go as far back as you want with Asia or Mexico. It’s that French/English/Scottish old mildewy stuff. Old dusty heavy drapes and big tables with lions’ heads carved in it. Stuff that kings were around. That’s the stuff I can’t be around. It was too big to be functional. It creeps me out.”

8. Tyra Banks is scared of dolphins

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model | 10 by 10 Entertainment

Dolphins are normally viewed as nice and friendly mammals that can do tricks. But not everyone is charmed by the tricksters. The model, actress, and former host has a huge fear of dolphins. She tried to get over it by getting into a pool with one on the air.

I’m not exactly sure when my fear of dolphins started,” she said on her show “I can remember far back to elementary school being a young girl and having these reoccurring dreams where I’d be in a swimming pool. And the whales, dolphins would be surrounding me and not even attacking but just bumping me with their nose. I would wake up and it would be the weirdest and scariest nightmare.”

9. Channing Tatum is scared of porcelain dolls

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum | Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

The actor and dancer might be a pretty big guy, but there is a small type of toy that really freaks him out. That would be porcelain dolls, and he’s not alone in this phobia. Although there are collectors of the dolls out there, there are also a lot of people that are freaked out by their shiny faces.

I just think they’re freaky!” the actor said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I just think they’re really super freaky. They have, like, real eyes and they look real.” He then continued, “I just imagine when I walk by them their heads turn with you the whole time.”

Of course Ellen had to put his fear to the test by taking out two dolls and pushing them into his face. He then tried to wiggle away from her.

10. Christina Ricci is scared of pools

Z: The Beginning of Everything
Christina Ricci in Z: The Beginning of Everything | Amazon

There are a lot of people who are understandably scared of sharks. And there are some who avoid pools because they can’t swim. But the actress has a very unique phobia that sort of combines these two problems.

Don’t expect her to get in a pool any time soon because she has a fear of them. But the reason is something purely from her imagination. “I think that somehow a little magic door is going to open up and let the shark out,” she said according to Star Crush. Obviously that’s impossible, but not all phobias are logical. Many also say that the actress is scared of indoor plants because they’re dirty.

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