15 Actors Who Got in Amazing Shape for a Movie Role

Everyone knows movie stars must stay in shape, but many actors go above and beyond for a big role. Whether they’re bouncing back after pregnancy or getting fit for the first time, these celebrities got in amazing — even scary — shape for a starring role. One popular actress shocked her co-star with her incredible transformation (page 10).

1. Christian Bale

Left: Christian Bale in The Machinist | Paramount Pictures, Right: Christian Bale in Batman Begins | Warner Bros.

How he did it: weight-lifting, pizza, and ice cream

Christian Bale’s most famous transformation was for The Machinist (he lost so much weight he was literally starving himself to death). After the film wrapped, Bale needed to bulk up to be Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. So the actor completely shifted his mindset toward diet and exercise. Bale’s secret? In addition to working out, he credits pizza and ice cream for helping him put the pounds back on.

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