Actresses We Think Could Play Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’

The casting department on Netflix’s The Crown has obviously been stellar in finding just the right actors and actresses to play the Windsors. Casting Claire Foy alone as a young Queen Elizabeth has been pure brilliance, including feeling vivid. Sometimes we wonder if the queen doesn’t watch and contemplate if she’s looking into a time machine.

Let’s also not forget the excellent Matt Smith as Prince Philip and many more who bring these real figures to life.

Rather than continue in real-time, the show is going to do a time-jump for its third season. It’ll cover the 1960s and ’70s, with Lady Diana Spencer introduced toward the end. Who should play her? We have some ideas from an A-list pool.

Imogen Poots

A lot of people are mentioning Imogen Poots as one of the casting favorites. She does resemble a young Diana somewhat, including a similar nose, eyes, and subtle facial features. Plus, she’s one of today’s best actresses, making the role a plum challenge.

Poots’ acting diversity has been well-noted in films from Fright Night to Green Room.

It helps to have a native British actress playing Diana so they get the nuances of dialect down. This isn’t to say we don’t have one idea for an American playing her if actresses like Poots are booked several years ahead.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner | C Flanigan/Getty Images

You could say Sophie Turner looks even more like a young Diana in the face, especially the soulful blue eyes. The only problem with getting Turner to play the role is she’s in virtually everything else right now.

She’s winding up playing Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, recently appeared in a Jonas Brothers reunion video, plus soon stars in Marvel’s Dark Phoenix. Chances are 50/50 Netflix would be able to wrangle a deal with Turner, though anything could happen.

Arguably, she resembles Diana more than any of our other choices. We digress, however.

Jodie Whittaker

A number of people think Jodie Whittaker should play Diana. While it’s probably far-fetched considering Whittaker is so well-known now as the new Dr. Who, there is a slight resemblance to the late Princess of Wales.

When it comes to playing Diana in one of the world’s popular streaming shows, even a very  busy actress might want to play her…at least temporarily. Reports are, Diana will become a more significant character after Season Three, meaning Whittaker’s schedule filming Dr. Who would likely conflict.

Maybe we shouldn’t hone in on all British actresses and consider some American ones who aren’t quite so busy.

Sarah Paulson

Truth be told, not a lot of American actresses would be perfect to play Diana other than a small few. Sarah Paulson was already a wish list choice for the proposed second season of FX’s Feud, which would have focused on Charles and Diana. This story subject has already been placed on delay, so why not Paulson for The Crown?

Could Paulson master a British accent? She’s already known for being a chameleon in everything else she takes on. The resemblance to Diana isn’t huge, yet we know she could make it work with makeup, if not playing the Princess when older.

Unfortunately, Paulson is as booked up as the actresses mentioned above. Any A-list actress chosen would likely need to be an expert in time management to fit it in.

Margot Robbie

Despite Margot Robbie being Australian, she’s one of today’s leading actresses and seems a favorite with many fans looking for Diana actresses.

After all, Robbie was able to play Tonya Harding with aplomb in I, Tonya outside of not initially resembling her and being slightly older.

Robbie can do virtually anything, and no doubt the producers of The Crown will want an A-lister. It’s something the show will have again thanks to Olivia Colman joining as a middle-age Queen Elizabeth.

The co-existence of our best actresses and actors working together in one place is what makes this show so great in inventing the concept of must-watch streaming.