Adam Busby of ‘OutDaughtered’ Claps Back After He’s Criticized Over Birthday Surprise for Daughter Blayke

Adam Busby is standing up for himself after being criticized for the special surprise he arranged for daughter Blayke’s ninth birthday. 

With his eldest child’s birthday party postponed due to coronavirus, the OutDaughtered star decided to make Blayke’s day memorable in a different way. He arranged for YouTube star JoJo Siwa to wish her happy birthday over FaceTime. He shared a photo from the special moment on Instagram on April 6. But at least one person wasn’t impressed by the sweet gesture.

Critic says Adam Busby is just making other kids feel bad

Most fans had a positive response after Busby updated them about Blayke’s birthday conversation with the Dance Moms alum. But one person felt the dad of six should have kept the event to himself. 

“As special as that is for her, you really shouldn’t put this on [social media],” they wrote. “How many other children do you think will get a call from a celeb? They’ll think they’re not special. I love your show, and your sharing your family, but this isn’t one that should’ve been shared.”

The ‘OutDaughtered’ star wasn’t having it

adam and danielle busby with blayke
Adam and Danielle Busby with daughter Blayke | adambuzz via Instagram

Busby took issue with the critical comment. 

“With all due respect, our family is a little extraordinary,” he replied. “My children are celebrities themselves and over the years have worked with and made friendships with other celebrities.” 

“We share our lives and the not so conventional and extraordinary things that we do and that’s a big part of why people like to follow along,” he added. “We have shot videos with Jojo and posted photos with other celebrities over the years. That’s no surprise to people. Don’t take a sweet thing that I did for my child and try to see some sort of negative in it.”

This isn’t the first time Busby has responded to critics 

As the stars of a popular reality show, the Busbys attract a fair share of critics. And dad Adam doesn’t hesitate to defend his family from trolls. In recent months, the 37-year-old has defended his wife’s clothing choices and sparred with people who had some not-so-helpful suggestions for how the Busbys should cope when most of the family came down with the flu.

He also stood up for himself after he and wife Danielle were slammed for heading to a gun range on a date night

“Guns scare you, so stay away from them,” he wrote in response to one critic. “I don’t think bad of you for that. We will choose to raise our kids in a manner that they are educated about guns and not live in fear of them. We are responsible with our guns and are definitely the good guys with guns.”

He also called a commenter on Instagram “ignorant” for assuming that he and his wife “leave loaded guns around the house.” 

“I have locked safes like any responsible person would,” he wrote. 

Busby has also pushed back when commenters have criticized his marriage and questioned the trips the couple takes without their kids.  

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